Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Box Fulls of Trophies

While diagnosing my previous blogged about phone problems, I traced lines heading up into my attic and decided the time had come to take a peek. I set up a ladder, climbed up and stuck my head into the attic. What greeted me was a mound of debris on all sides of the opening.

I have spent the last five weeks stuffing my garbage can to the max and had begun to make a dent ridding our house of all debris without making a special trip to the landfill and paying extra to dispose of it. Now suddenly I was back to where I had started plus some.

So I started tossing the stuff down the hole and into the garage. There was a ton of carpet and linoleum remnants from every previous floor covering ever put down in the house. There was a huge box full of frisbees, a wheel of fortune like spinning wheel plus a myriad of boxes full of assorted junk. At the back of all this were three boxes piled high with trophies of all sizes.

After getting it all down on the garage floor, I looked through the trophies which were awarded over a span of nearly twenty years from the late seventies to the late nineties. Every single one was for running events so whoever earned all them was a heck of a runner. Unfortunately, there were no names etched into any of them and because I have yet to receive our property deed yet showing the previous residents, I have no idea who they belonged too.

I ended up deciding that I wasn't going to wait for the deed to see if I could track down the owner. Instead due to the shear amount of debris and not wanting to fight it again for the next two months of trying to rid it gradually in our weekly garbage, I packed our van floor to ceiling and disposed of it at the landfill and recycling center having to pay for the privilege at the former.

On a side note, once the attic was once again empty of extra debris, I saw that it was fairly well insulated though the insulation was probably original to the house. I also saw that phone wires snaked everywhere along with other electrical wires. Sigh. Now someday when I have nothing left on my list of things to do, I have added that I need to spend some time in the attic neatening up everything and getting it all up to code... my code. I suspect that will happen by fall of 2014 or spring of 2015.


sage said...

You could have built a trophy case and (to anyone but family and lifelong friends) spun yarns about the races you've won!

Vince said...

I get the fixing things 'correct'. But are you not heading towards OCD country trying to tidy cable where it will never matter one damn.
On the awards for running, toss 'em. If someone had put them in the roof space they were surplus one way or another. They might even be the cull of them.

geri said...

There was a reason why you don't have a job right now =)

Ed said...

Sage - That would have been a good idea, at least for the first time around.

Vince - I think I am already in OCD country. I had to redo all the three way light switches in my house just so they all are down when the lights are off.

Geri - It is really a blessing to be unemployed right now. When I get everything fixed up, them I might change my tune if I haven't found something else to occupy my mind and time.