Friday, August 10, 2012

Sleeping Easy Thanks To Good Bones

We are now three weeks into this house and I'm sleeping easy. When we purchased our last house, the one that we hope to close on sometime next week, it didn't have a lot of detail stuff to work on but the longer I lived there, the more I realized that it had structural deficiencies. I'm not saying that it will someday fall into a pile of sticks but it was built with substandard methods and materials and it showed here and there. All were things that couldn't easily be fixed without investing way more than could be gotten out of the house.

Our new house is full of detail work that needs to be done everywhere, so much so that I have a hard time grasping just how much. Everywhere I look there is a door handle that doesn't work, a faucet that doesn't work, a light that doesn't work, etc. But and this is a big but, the structure seems rock solid and well built. In other words, it has good bones to work with and I'm relishing the task of fixing up all those cosmetic things. 

We have all the boxes unpacked, at least of those things we deem essential, and the upstairs is pretty much functional if you look past all the cosmetic stuff. The downstairs still has a lot of boxes but many of them are non essential stuff to someday weed out or will be unpacked as Littler Abbey ages and then sold or given away when she outgrows them. At least a dozen boxes are awaiting for some custom built bookshelves. 

Those things can wait though because tomorrow, I am going to start a several week process of going room by room painting everything head to toe and then fixing all those broken electrical outlets, lights, etc. as I put the room back to order. Once all that is done, then those larger projects such as built in bookcases, perhaps a garage addition, kitchen remodel will happen. 


Bone said...

I still have boxes I never unpacked from my last move... seven years ago. Clearly, it's a good thing I didn't throw them away, whatever they are.

TC said...

I think you're going to find yourself busier than you would if you were still working :)

sage said...

3 weeks and all the boxes are unpacked! Wow, I know of at least two boxes that are not unpacked after 8 years (but they happen to be contents from a file drawer and notebooks from my dissertation

Vince said...

You just need to be careful. Keep it to the cosmetic. For there is nothing more certain than if you decide to 'knock through' for the babies changing room/wife's dressing-room/double en-suite than you'll get a job that will require you to be away.

kymber said...

Ed buddy - you will keep finding things to fix for as long as you live there. we have been here a year and a half and our cottage is only 5 small rooms. the number of things that we have been fixing/working on, etc. was pretty overwhelming in the beginning...but we finally got to a point where we said - heck - we are here forever - we can worry about that hole in the ceiling another day - bahahahahah! good luck buddy!

oh and get those custom bookshelves built! nothing made me happier than unpacking and being able to see my books! your friend,

Ed said...

Bones - It is amazing home much stuff one person can collect.

TC - Tell me about it. I have found that I eat a lot more and have still lost weight these last few weeks. Buying a fixer upper and getting rid of excuses such as I'm tired for work is really turning out to being a good diet, albeit a bit on the expensive side.

Sage - I might have misrepresented our situation. We still have a couple dozen boxes left to unpack. I think we have unpacked all the essentials though, except for the darn fly swatters which I can't seem to find.

Vince - I've had to promise the wife that I won't look for a job until I get things done here first. Fortunately I don't think I will be knocking down any wall... yet.

Kymber - Yeah it was and still is a bit overwhelming. If I had a full time job, I would be worried about ever getting it all done but with my situation now, I'm not so worried. I see it as guaranteeing that I will be busy all winter.