Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hangin' On the Jersey Shore

Although I didn't see Snooky or The Situation, I did look back across the river towards lower Manhattan and enjoy the view for few minutes one afternoon as I scarfed down some food between appointments. The lone tower at the right of the photo is the new Freedom Tower under construction where the Twin Towers once stood. Less than a week after I took this photo, they finished building the 100th floor of the Freedom Tower and once again it was the tallest building (not counting antennas) in the U.S.

I had never been to New Jersey outside of their airport so all I knew of New Jersey was what I have seen on Season One of the Sopranos. (I haven't actually ever watched Jersery Shore.) So I was pleasantly surprised to see this part of Jersey was anything but what I saw in the Sopranos. There were actually houses with space in-between then, lawns and the occasional gas station that wasn't right on the shoulder of a four lane road. It was almost like back home in the Urban Jungle. If someone forced me at gunpoint to spin the rest of my life near New York City, I think this spot of shoreline in New Jersey might be where I would look first.


R. Sherman said...

My wife has relatives in NJ outside of NYC. It's a beautiful area though the drive up the turnpike to get there is a real eyesore.


Bone said...

We stayed in New Jersey the time I visited New York, and took a bus into the city each day. I found the part of NJ we stayed in to be entirely pleasant, with a great view.

Murf said...

I've always wondered why NJ is called the Garden State yet everyone talks smack about it all the time. However, due to a dislike of their accents, I can't see myself going there for a vacation anytime soon. :-)

warren said...

Any chance you smelled Snooky though?