Friday, April 20, 2012

Bakers, Chickens & Proctors

While doing some preliminary research into the collateral people that my 3rd great grandfather Joseph Baker was around during his brief lifetime, I ran across another dizzying loop in my peripheral family tree. I should say that I am investigating the collateral people mentioned in my post Crossing Paths in hopes that researching their lives might offer up clues into solving the genealogical brick wall that is my Joseph Baker. So I was minding my own business, collecting information to take with me on a possible trip up to that area of the world later this summer, and boom, my head was sent spinning.

As  you can recall in my post about the Chicken Brothers, after my 3rd great grandfather Joseph Baker who was their father died, they were 'adopted' by the Robert Chicken family who knew the Baker family when they crossed paths in Fayette county, Iowa. I put adopted in quotes because I have no proof that they were formally adopted but I do know they took the Chicken last name as their own and lived with the Chicken family until they reached adulthood and married off.

When Robert Chicken adopted the two Baker brothers, he had two daughters of his own. The oldest one, ten years older than 'adopted' son Robert Backer/Chicken, was named Anna and the younger one Virginia. I was reading a death notice on Robert Chicken and it mentioned the married names of both of his daughters. His oldest daughter Anna had married a man by the name of Charles Proctor.

This name sounded very familiar but I couldn't place it so I typed it into my database and sure enough, it popped right up. Charles Proctor had many children but his oldest child was a daughter by the name of Viola Hannah Proctor. She would marry Robert Baker/Chicken. So about the simplest way I can state this is that Robert Baker/Chicken (my 2nd great uncle) would be 'adopted' by the Robert Chicken family and eventually marry Robert Chicken's granddaughter. Robert Baker/Chicken was a husband and an uncle to his wife... at least via adoption.


R. Sherman said...

I really enjoy following you on this journey. I'm glad you're writing it.


Ed said...

R. Sherman - While I write these posts mostly for selfish reasons, I am glad that others such as yourself enjoy them too.

Vince said...

Do you have a visual for this.

Ed said...

Vince - I've been having problems with pictures. Blogger evidently went and put a limit on how many you can upload and back when I wrote this post, I maxed out. As a result, I either had to buy more space or go back and delete old pictures from my blog. I chose to do the latter with all non-genealogy posts. But all this caused me to re-evaluate how I add pictures to post. Since the two links in this post already had pictures, I didn't add any more.

Vince said...

It might not be blogger itself. It could be picasa. I just removed a load of files to a USB stick. That did the job. And it's the cloud storage that has the limit.
We have to be very watchful of Google now they have gone all Corporate. They will be rattling cash out of us coming and going.