Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Captcha Impossible Revisited... Again

I just wanted to update everyone on this subject one last time.

Awhile ago Blogger switched to a new style of captcha coding to verify that you were human when commenting on my blog. It was horrible, hard to read and always took several times before succeeding. After investigating my options, I turned off my comment verification all together on any post that was posted within the last five days and on all older posts, turned on comment moderation. The tipping point for me was that blogger now had a spam filter but I wasn't sure it would work well.

After a month of using it, I have had many scores of spam comments gobbled up by their filter, all of them deservedly so, and not one real comment that didn't make it to the correct post. I have also not had one spam comment make it past the filter. So for now, it is a huge success in my book and to those who comment on my blog, I hope it is in your book too. I would highly recommend this route to those of you who still use the captcha verification phrases.


R. Sherman said...

Those things are pain. I'm glad the Spam Catcher is doing its job.


Bone said...

Yeah, I turned off the word verification, too. No problems with spam so far. Knock on virtual wood.