Friday, January 20, 2012

Shore Stuff

My daughter spent hours playing in the ocean and I found it difficult to do much else than watch her. One at, five and a half years of age and barely twice the sizes of the incoming swells, I didn't trust her judgement to allow her out of my sight for more than a second or too. Two, the fine white sand just seems to get into everything I try to use while sitting there be it a camera, book, or other entertainment gadget. It destroyed my camera last year and I didn't want the same thing to happen this year. Thus I spent my time just bulldozing sand with my hands and daughter's sandals and making a pedestal for my water bottle as seen above.

I'm not sure what these sea birds are but there were a flock of them less than ten feet away from me one day pulling those tubular like worms/plants out of the surf and eating them. One would get one part way down to have another bird grab onto the other end. They would take to the air in a fast spinning duet trying to yank the other end from the opposing birds throat and eventually the winner would find a quieter space on the sand to wolf down the food. I tried in vane for a half hour to get a shot of this but my digital camera just isn't fast enough and by the time I remembered the video feature, they were too far down the beach to capture.

Unmarked sand and surf always seem to call my name. I couldn't help but leave my 'mark' if only for awhile.


Vince said...


And you built a motte for your hydration.

R. Sherman said...

Cameras and beaches are mortal enemies. I'm surprised I haven't lost one or more over the years.

The beach is fun for little kids, but you're right about watching them. It takes a lot of time.


Ed said...

Vince - I figured they were a bird someone would recognize. That was my thought but not living closer than a 1000 miles to any ocean, I thought I would defer to someone more of an expert. Do you know if those tube things were animal or plant?

R. Sherman - The 'beaches' we have in Iowa have large coarse sand compared to the fine white powder down there. It just gets everywhere. I wondered how many times a year people down there have to flush the sand out of their drain pipes to prevent them from clogging.

Vince said...

Likely this;
leastwise a form of it anyway.

Murf said...

Nice photos. Please tell me that you properly recycled your water bottle. ;-)

Ed said...

Murf - Well it didn't get recycled but it was properly disposed of. I don't save my recyclables while 1000+ miles from my recycling bins.

sage said...

Even today, with my daughter an expert swimmer, I keep my eye on her! Sounds like you had a relaxing time.

geri said...

The first time I saw a seagull right by the beach where we live, I was in awe and kept thinking, "I really am in america." =) What no pictures of Little Abbey??? Vacation in a warm weather, by the beach with your family (and parents) is such a treat.

warren said...'s what comes to mind!