Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One More Time...Hallelujah!

I thought my Monday's were going to be free now that the Sing-Off was off the air but alas, it wasn't meant to be. Taking their cue from so many shows, they came up with a holiday special. For some reason I'm not big on Christmas music or Christmas specials but I turned it on anyway in the background as I played with my daughter. Even when this year's champions and my favorites Pentatonix came out, it failed to move me. Then my favorites and second place finishers from last season, Street Corner Symphony, came out on stage and sang this song by Leanard Cohen which totally blew me away. I haven't heard of Cohen or his song Hallelujah but a quick Youtube search and listen proved that I wasn't missing much. But Street Corners Symphony's version I could listen to all day and never tire of it.


geri said...

I did catch the end part of the show and it wasn't much. I have always loved this song Hallelujah.

Marian Pierre-Louis said...


Can you contact me via email? My address is marianpl@fieldstonehistoricresearch.com.

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Three Score and Ten or more said...

Leonard Cohen and Paul Simon were my musical heroes for a few years,,, and Halleluja was a favorite on of his reconds. After hearing it on the air I had to dig out the 45, but my player was dead.