Friday, December 9, 2011

I Want to See My Boy Toy

Classify the title of this post under things that make me uneasy when coming from the mouth of my daughter. The only reason I didn't go totally berserk is because she is five and a half years old and not say sixteen. In this stage, age and innocence make a huge difference. My wife and I had just eaten lunch of takeout Chinese at the hospital where my wife was on call for 24 hours, and my daughter hadn't eaten anything. Because several colleagues of my wife were also enjoying the Chinese food, I didn't force me daughter to eat it and avoided any parenting scenes. As a result, the daughter and I were on the road back to rural southeast Iowa and she was hungry. Wanting her to nap and not make my life unpleasant for the next two hours (I am a big proponent of picking my battles), I swung through a McDonald's drive-thru for a happy meal. Because this was the third time in two weeks for one reason or another, the choice of happy meal toys was a Hello-Kitty doll which she already had two of and which were just pieces of plastic that offered little in the realm of future imaginational episodes or the toy for boys which was some sort of transforming beast. My daughter of course asked why I said she was a boy and I had to explain that I just told them that to get a toy for boys since she already had the one for girls and besides, I thought she would like to play with something different. She accepted that answer and when her happy meal was handed to me, the above demand was made. It will be close as to whether I will have hair left to turn gray or it will just fall out first. Either way, I'm not looking forward to those teen years.

On a totally unrelated note but probably not long enough to truly deserve a post of its own, the wife, daughter and I attended the musical Wicked this past weekend. The musical, set as the 'behind the scenes' happenings of the Wizard of Oz musical, was excellent but we learned that our daughter was not ready for such things. With intermission, it was three and a half hours long and our daughter sat still for approximately fifteen seconds of the musical. It was really distracting to have a child literally bouncing around in her seat and the aisle space in front and I spent lots of time hissing at her to sit still and trying to contain her annoyance factor from those around us. Fortunately, we got our tickets at the last instance and were way up in the cheap seats but still, I felt embarrassed. There won't be a next time for taking her to a musical anytime soon. But if you have a chance to see Wicked, I'm pretty sure it was an excellent musical. However, if the people sitting next to you look from out of town and have a five year old, try to find someplace else to sit.


R. Sherman said...


Most of successfully navigate the teenage years with grace and aplomb. I'm sure you'll do fine. Compared to my boys, my daughter was a piece of cake.


warren said...

I can handle cussing, but the talk of a boy-toy would wake me up I am sure...the meaning will change soon enough I guess...and then I lock my daughter in her room!

geri said...

So how did Little Abbey like her boy toy? =) Evan has a few of those and I always tease him about getting the Hello Kitty one.

I would love to see Wicked!

Ed said...

Geri - She liked it more than Hello Kitty because it sparked her imagination more but I don't think I have seen her play with it since. That is pretty much the story of all Happy Meal toys except for when they were giving out fairy tale figurines like Hansel, Gretel, Red Riding Hood, Prince Charming, etc. She still plays with those.

Eutychus2 said...

Ed............... wait till she brings the 'boy toy' home; I'm sure you'll manage - and if the good wife likes him, I guess you'll really be stuck! son was a piece of cake compared to my two girls.

kymber said...

teehee...sounds like you'll pull your own hair out before she even hits the teen years...she seems so cute. sorry that you didn't really get to enjoy Wicked!

your friend,

sage said...

that is precious! The next time she talks about her boy toy, you'll be out to break his one of his limbs!