Monday, December 5, 2011

How do you know when you are too close?

The day after Thanksgiving, while the world was thronging to outlets of cheap crap made in China for deals, my daughter and I decided to visit the local zoo and were rewarded by having the entire place to ourselves for the better part of our stay. As a result of the lack of people perhaps, the lions happened to be right up against the window and it was free of oily hand and nose prints which allowed me to take the above picture with my cellphone with no cropping or zooming. My camera lens was perhaps a scant three feet from the nose of the male lion and his pride, much too close had there not been a substantial (I hope) piece of glass between us. Notice how he wasn't even looking at me but at my daughter cowering right to the left of me who probably would have made a good snack for this fellow.


kymber said...

what a beautiful pic and i am glad that you and your daughter had such a nice time on one of the scariest days in North America! good job!

your friend,

R. Sherman said...

We've done the zoo and museum thing on Black Friday in the past. Truly it's extraordinarily stress free.

Love the photo, BTW.


sage said...

They are such incredible animals and to have seen them that close would have been a real treat.

Anonymous said...

They've made zoo's sooooooooo much better than in my day.
I'd say the cats couldn't see you at all. It's probably one of those glass that holds a colour like the cars the planks are driven

warren said...

It must have been good glass because if you are like us, there was a little more meat on our bones the day after Thanksgiving!

Ed said...

Kymber - No kidding. I read about several people being shot outside of Walmart stores for their cheap Chinese merchandise and one incidence of a lady macing a crowd inside to get her XBOX360.

R. Sherman - I've been at the zoo when it was nearly deserted before but this was a first time at completely deserted.

Sage - It certainly made my neck hairs stand up a bit being that close. Makes you wonder about that bit of hard wiring left over from my primitive ancestors who didn't have that thick piece of glass to protect them.

Vince - Oh he could see me. Not only was he keeping an eye on my daughter but there is a train you can ride that goes on the other side of the enclosure and you can see people inside the viewing enclosure from it.

Warren - Excellent point!

Bone said...

I think when you can smell the lion's breath, then you are too close :)