Monday, November 14, 2011

Minty Chocolatey Cleanliness?

I like mints and I like chocolate. Heck, I even like them together in the form of chocolate bars or ice creams but I must confess, I never thought of them in the form of hand cleanliness. For a few days one week, I detected the faintest hint of chocolate whenever I was brushing my teeth at the sink in our main bathroom. Because we were fresh from Halloween and I am brushing my teeth alongside my daughter to encourage good hygiene, I just assumed that it was coming from her mouth. Then one morning in the wee hours just after midnight, I stopped in at that bathroom for a little business after getting a drink downstairs for an exceptionally parched throat, and while washing my hands was overcome with the smell of chocolate and mint. I knew where it was coming from but couldn't really understand why. A gag from my wife? I finished washing with warm water and went back to bed. The next morning upon investigation, I found the bottle you see above. I just can't understand how anyone would think this was a good combination for hand soap.


Jeff said...

I pity the one who licks their hands thinking they're in for a treat!

R. Sherman said...

Yeah, that's not smart, especially for kids, though they'll make that mistake only once.


kymber said...

that is one of the strangest things...i agree...who comes up with this stuff???