Monday, October 3, 2011


I like my home like I like my jeans, comfortable. That means I am not so concerned with how it appears to others but how it functions for me. Our home is comfortable but compared to some of the 'staged' homes we have recently looked at, probably cluttered in the mind of a real estate agent. So my wife and I spent a busy weekend recently boxing up stuff that we moved into a storage room downstairs and essentially staging our home to perhaps look more appealing to someone.

I cleaned out the fireplace and laid in a nice fire just itching to be lit though I didn't put any newspaper in it to help start it like I normally would do. When I first moved into the house, the large voids on either side of the fireplace held a rickety plywood desk of sorts and another equally rickety stand made of two by fours for a large television that the previous owners wanted to leave behind but didn't when I didn't offer them any money for it. So I tore both those things out and built custom made bookcases. The south bookcase held all me books that I hope to read someday and a few collections of books and the north bookcase held all the books I had read, some ready to be sold, given away and other to be held and possibly reread in the future. But things were lopsided and to even it out, I had to transfer books from my unread shelf to my read shelf. It took all my willpower to do such a thing but with encouragement from my wife, I was able to do it. I can't wait until we get moved so I can work on building more bookcases.

We have a bedroom in the basement which has always been our storage room since we didn't need it as a bedroom. Awhile back we cleaned it out and organized it a bit for this very day when we started boxing up more of our worldly possessions and moved them in there. Now the bedroom is about half full of boxes which I'm sure isn't ideal to a realtor. They would rather have it out of the house altogether but I'm too frugal to pay for a storage unit just for that. I just hope people will look past the boxes and see it for what it really is. A recently remodeled bedroom that hasn't been used since the day I finished painting.

The house is now staged and I've spent $200 in an advertising blitz in the local papers. I hope it sells quickly because I'm not sure how I can live in a house that appears only half full of stuff for very long.


R. Sherman said...

I now know that reading these posts regarding your moving will sap any desire I have left to relocate.

Well done.


kymber said...

Ed - when we were getting ready to sell out house (11 months ago) - i was like a mad fiend - i de-cluttered and de-personalized like mad! i staged the heck out of the place as it is really true - if there are too many personal things people normally can't see past them. anyway, on our first open house, several real estate agents came (we sold without a real estate agent). each of them mentioned that we had done a good job of staging. and we had about 60 boxes stacked neatly in the sort of unfinished basement. no one seemed to have a problem with that.

we sold our house to the first people that came through the door - they put in an offer for full asking price the next day! and were very sweet people and we were glad to pass our beloved house off to them. the only thing that kinda' sucked was that they wanted the house the next month which forced us to move in the winter. but heck - they were nice and paying full asking price so we high-tailed it!

hubby and i will keep you in our thoughts and prayers and send "fast sale" vibes to you. good luck!

Jeff said...

Storage units are cheap and a quick place to stash stuff--when we left Utah, our daughter was about the age of yours, and it was hard keeping the house "show ready" with her running around. Good luck

Vince said...

Have coffee in a percolator on the go, and get that half baked bread. Then whack it into the oven, to finish just before they arrive. Then you'll have both homely smells making an impression under their conscious thoughts. And take out any Victorian sized furniture. If necessary replace it with MDF krap. Basically you need to have the Space on display not chairs tables and wardrobes the size of the thing that sunk the Titanic.