Friday, October 21, 2011


I've walked by this little sign posted on our doors for a long time now and it has always struck me as a bit funny. Funny enough anyway that I finally had a camera with me and took a picture of it for your amusement if you understand my sense of humor anyway.  Our doors lock if that pin in the picture is removed allowing people to freely exit but requiring a key to enter. On most mornings when I get to work, the pin has already been put into place by some of the maintenance staff and since this sign is on the inside of the door, I never see it. However, at the end of the day when you are tired and ready to go home, the little sign is always noticeable and the chains dangling. I usually feel as if my chain is dangling too.


Anonymous said...

Might be that 'gling' is half way to a smile.
It's funny odd you never see that word these days. And I cannot think of the romance word to equate the Anglo-Saxon. Have things stopped dangling, well less so that thirty years ago anyway.
And do apples hang from trees rather that dangle.

R. Sherman said...

There are these funny little things everywhere and we all seem to have our own.


sage said...

is that the pin in the lock-out crash bar? most use an allen wrench to lock down (at least this way it is easier to see if the door is locked.

Ed said...

Sage - It isn't factory and is just a bolt welded to a chain these days. I'm guessing those doors are original to when the place was built in the early 90's and have seen their better days.

edifice rex said...

That is so funny. I usually feel like EVERYTHING is dangling when I leave work! lol!