Friday, September 23, 2011

The Miscellaneous of Madison County

At the end of all these posts, I ended up with a handful of pictures that really didn't fit in anywhere else but I still wanted to put in a post so here they all are in one. The above picture was in the city park of Winterset right near one of the covered bridges whose railings can be seen in the background. Old snarly trees always seem to speak to me because I have a lot of pictures of them.

The bridge in the park was spanning a nicely mowed shallow ditch so I could inspect the underside of the bridge and see some of the original wooden dowels.

For lunch we tried to locate a few places that had sounded good on the internet but evidently were no longer in business. So grasping at straws, we drove back to a little shack of a restaurant that had a lot of local cars parked around it, always a good sign. Rudy's did have some decent food but what caught my attention was that they had 'happy fries' as well as french fries on the menu. Our daughter got the happy fries which turned out to be what you see above. She had a good time eating them and leaving the eyes for last. She was happy but I don't think the fry was.

A device that was in the museum that doctors supposedly used to charge up the capacitors and give patients shocks to 'liven' up sore muscles. Liven up indeed!


R. Sherman said...

It's amazing what you can find poking around in rural America. Too many of our fellow citizens don't realize what they're missing.


sage said...

the green tint of that timber under the bridge made it look like it was "treated lumber" Iowa wasn't that far ahead of the rest of us, was it? :)

Ed said...

R. Sherman - I love to poke around areas like Heat-Moon or Kerouac. I wish I had more time to do so.

Sage - I think that was just an unfortunate side affect of my cellphone camera and heavy shade. They weren't green.

Murf said...

I should write something deep or knowledgeable like R.or Sage did but really, I'm stuck on those happy fries. I wonder how they did that.

Simpleton in Michigan

Ed said...

Murf - They really caught me eye too. I'm guessing they have a stamp that cuts them out and they poof out when thrown in the hot oil. They had a more bread like texture than normal french fries and I would hazard a guess that there wasn't any potato in them.