Friday, August 19, 2011

Now On National Radio

So there I was, minding my own business walking down a sidewalk in the urban jungle when a young blonde girl walked up and asked if she could interview my wife and I on matters of the Iowa economy for a national syndicated radio show. Who was I to refuse especially when my wife chirps up and tells the lady that I have an opinion on everything.

Right out of the gate, she asked a broad question of what I thought of the state of the economy? How do you answer something like that without a lot of caveats which of course they aren't interested. I love the investment opportunity of a down stock market of which I took full advantage. I dislike the government's abuse of our tax dollars and the trillions they borrow on top of them. I think that we are currently growing and getting stronger, albeit a bit slowly, but that we are still headed for a massive train wreck sometime in the future. In the end, I responded that I think the economy is weak but getting stronger slowly and that I am not too worried at the moment.

The interview went on for almost ten minutes with the reporter asking various similar questions phrased in different ways between my wife and I. I do have a lot to say, which I suppose is why my blog is ready to turn eight years old soon and has thousands of posts, but I'm not very good off the cuff. The whole time I was talking to the reporter, I kept internally wincing at how my comment could be misconstrued or taken out of context. My answers were short and were more of an overview of my thoughts when I could have sat there for the rest of the day talking economy with that young lady.

She ended by having us introduce ourselves separately so that if they used only one of our answers in the soundbyte, the could do so. I'm not sure if any of it will air or has already aired but if it does and you hear some fellow from Iowa that they introduced as some hayseed from the street, that is probably me.


R. Sherman said...

I learned a long time ago to never trust journalists. They all have an agenda and no matter what you say, they will make it conform to the narrative or ignore it completely. It's a no win situation unless you the "quoter" are in control of the editing and publishing process, as well.


geri said...

You and Mrs. Abbey are now celebrities =)

Ron said...

"What do you think about the state of the economy?"

I think I'd just look at the ground, kick the sidewalk, stare at the sky, stutter a few times, and say something like "well, it sure is a nice day today, isn't it?" :)

Unless she managed to somehow convince me that she actually cared to hear an opinion framed with caveats and explanation.

That's kinda like someone walking up and asking "what is the meaning of life?" and then sticking a microphone in your face while looking at their wristwatch. I hate those sorts of situations, although I've never quite been in that one.

Bone said...

Funny, I just said to someone earlier tonight, "I'm not good at off the cuff banter."

I don't listen to talk radio. So unless it was John Tesh, I probably won't hear it.

Jeff said...

I normally listen to NPR, but I ain't around this summer to keep an ear out for you. You're smart being careful around reporters. I once got quoted completely out of context and the only good think about it is that also got my last name wrong!

R Johnson said...

I am just trying to make a comment. The last four I have made were rejected by blogger (blogger doesn't like me any more)