Monday, August 15, 2011

John Chapman

The last little tidbit of my genealogical research trip to Louisa county was going to be about John Chapman's ancestry. I had found a biography written about a James Chapman that mentioned his ancestry going back to the Revolutionary War and mentioned that his brother John lived and farmed in the county. I had been all excited because I had assumed James's brother John was my 4th great grandfather John.

So before I did too much, I started plugging James Chapman's family information into my family tree but ran into a snag. James was listed as the second oldest son in the family with John being the youngest. James was born around 1827 and his brother John in 1837. My John was born around 1800, a difference of 37 years and two large to ignore. The second item that is hard to ignore was that James Chapman's family had moved out of Pennsylvania in the early 1830's for Ohio and then came to Louisa county via Lee county in the early 1840's. My John Chapman is in Pennsylvania in the 1840 federal census and came to Louisa county via Lee county in the early 1840's. His migration path just doesn't match to be part of the same family. My John never showed up on an Iowa census because he died in 1849 about six years after he reached the state and I have cemetery records to prove it. Tracking the other Chapman family in the census records and knowing for sure that the other John lived at least past 87 years of age as he was in the 1925 census seems to put the nail in the coffin that our John's aren't the same. However, because they came from the same part of Pennsylvania and ended up in the same county of Iowa after initially entering via a third county and lived on farms near each other, I'm sure they are related but I still need to make that connection somehow. Once I do, them I will have a blog post about the Chapman family going back to pre-Revolutionary war. Until then, I'm unfortunately back where I started and that is not knowing too much about my John Chapman. Par for my genealogical course.


R. Sherman said...

You just have to keep plugging at it.


Three Score and Ten or more said...

Interestingly enough my wife has a John Chapman in her line at about the same time and same locale as your Chapman, but her direct ancestor was named Welcome. As a side note did you know that the real name of Johnny Appleseed (yes, he was a real person) was John Chapman?