Sunday, August 7, 2011

At Least One of the Streaks Has Ended

We had just walked uptown for dinner and were enjoying the town festival that appears on the square once a month when suddenly this wet substance fell from the sky and landed on my head and clothes. Bird shit? At least that was my first thought since I haven't seen a drop of anything fall from the sky other than bird shit since June 27th. But after closer inspection, it turned out to be rain.

Dang it was nice to turn my face up towards the sky and let the rain splash down. So we walked home in the rain, slow and thin as it was, and I enjoyed every hot, steamy drop of it. When it had stopped and I checked my rain gauge, we had a full 0.1" of that clear liquid joy. Even better, the next evening we got another .3" of it meaning we have now received 0.57" of the stuff since the first of July, the hottest July we have see in 56 years. It didn't fill in the 8" deep cracks in my lawn but its a start. Too bad the next week is forecasted to be hot and sunny, just like the last seven.

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geri said...

here it is a strange combination of too hot and too much rain. We've had several strange short very strong storms. Our city has never seen this many downed trees in one summer.

I can imagine how long you haven't had rain if you think it is bird droppings lol