Monday, July 4, 2011

My First Political Rant of the Presidential Election Season

Living in Iowa, the first in the nation to vote on the future President of the United States in a caucus, is no treat. Already the first television ads for Tim Pawlenty have hit the digital cables and I'm sure more to follow. Now it has stepped up a notch since Iowa native Michele Bachmann has joined the fray. Granted this is still better than last the last cycle when our former governor had already launched and bowed out of the presidential race by this time but it is still annoying.

But what got me thinking about all this were several interviews of candidates on the morning and evening news shows. The reporter would ask a question followed by the candidate telling the reporters their qualities that make them a good candidate and giving no regard to the question at hand. The reporter then reiterates the question at hand only to have it totally ignored yet again by another rant on their qualifications. This brought me to the following conclusion:

It is easier to cut a grape in half with a spoon in a wet bowl than it is to pin down a politician on a question.


Vince said...

I'm a terrible politics nerd. But the situation in the States with elections every few months of one sort or another seems, frankly, a bit much.
Even for this side that Michele doesn't come over as the brightest spark in the grate.

R. Sherman said...

The fact of the matter is, they think we're stupid. Some people are, of course, but most of us can tell a sheister when we see one.


geri said...

I am not looking forward to the election too. I hope I just can control myself in Facebook or else I will just be hiding a lot of friends until it blows over.

Ed said...

Vince - For the most part it is only once every two years and most people only vote one every four years in the presidential election. It just seems longer when the presidential election begins a year and a half before the actual vote.

R. Sherman - I hope I live long enough to feel good about a presidential vote. It just hasn't happened yet and isn't shaping up to happen a year and a half from now.

Geri - I bite my tongue a lot around friends whom I know would be offended by a political talk. At the end of the day, I prefer them as a friend than someone who agrees with me politically. I just wish everyone I know would realized that we can disagree politically and still be friends. That is just one of many reasons why America is great.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

I used to have a lot of friends who were politicians, and then, I used to really be irritated when folks made comments like yours. Most of them are retired and dead, and the older I get, the more I agree with you. I don't agree that they think we are stupid. They are just so focussed on what they feel that they need to say, that they don't really listen to the questions. A little like one of those half hour commercials.

PhilippinesPhil said...

I hate commercials of all kinds. Its why I don't watch network progamming. And if ads DO come on, so does the mute. As for the caucuses and primaries, doesn't matter WHAT ANY of them say. I'm voting for who ever is running to unseat numbnuts.