Wednesday, July 13, 2011

He-Man: The Gay Master of the Universe

Admittedly, I am not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to certain aspects of pop culture. For example, for the longest time I thought:

A. Hotel California was a neat song with catchy lyrics that didn't mean much
B. The middle part of Paradise By the Dashboard Lights with the play cast of the baseball game was just that
C. The Village People were just a bunch of heterosexual guys singing goofy songs.

Those are just some of a long list.

Now I'm wondering if I should add another to the list. I grew up without a television but was aware that there was such a show called He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. I knew this because all my male ten-year-old classmates had metal lunchboxes with the picture above left on it. I also saw more than one person in a He-man costume on Halloween night.  He looked pretty manly to me and my friends raved about how cool He-man was.

Years later, my daughter recently discovered He-man on our Roku player that is hooked up to Netflix and after a few days of half listening while doing other things, I actually watched an episode in its entirety. That is when I learned that He-man is Prince Adam's secret identity and that only a few people are in the know. I also noticed is that Prince Adam dresses... um... a little differently than the rest of the guys. He wears white fur trimmed purple boots over lavender tights with purple underwear on top of that and a pink jacket that clings to his upper torso tied off with a gold belt. Other characters on the show are names Ram Man & Fisto. In fact, the more I listened, the whole show was filled with homosexual slang terms. He-Man was a homosexual.

Before writing this, I Googled the words He-man and gay to make sure that it wasn't a nationally known thing that should be added to the list up above and while lots of people agree with my conclusion, I haven't found any evidence that He-man was intentionally made gay through script writing. In fact, even Wikipedia doesn't mention anything about it nor who the creator of He-man was. The only thing I have found is that some people suspect that the 'Ambiguously Gay Duo' might possibly be created off of He-man's character and there are several articles and you-tube videos on the subject. One things for certain, I will never look at He-man in the same way again.


R. Sherman said...



Bone said...

I used to think the same thing about "American Pie." That it was just a song, I mean.

Ace & Gary!

Ed said...

Bone - For some reason your mention of American Pie reminded me of the song We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel, a song I haven't thought about in years but one I did a class project on identifying what all the lyrics meant.

Murf said...

The hair didn't clue you in even back in the day?!? Skeletor probably represents the hetero 'The Man' repressing the homosexual community.

I love Ambiguously Gay duo and their penis mobile.

PhilippinesPhil said...

They know the more they immerse us in deviancy the more likely we will accept it as "normal." I've been told the very act of pointing this out makes me a homophobe. Whatever.

I always thought American Pie is about the death of Buddy Holly. The movie of course is about coarse teenage hijinx. Like I said, immerse us in crudity and we become crude.

Jeff said...

there are somethings I'm glad not to know... (but not to get what Meatloaf was referring too... :) )