Friday, May 6, 2011

Rosecrans National Cemetery

I consider myself a well read and traveled individual and yet sometime I still get caught by surprise by my lack of knowledge. Up until my trip to San Diego, I would have told you that there was one National Cemetery and that is Arlington. When I drove by this cemetery on my way to Cabrillo Point, I immediately knew from the rows of marble tombstones that my knowledge was flawed and as it turns out, we have 146 of them. So on my way back, I pulled off and spent a while walking through the hallowed grounds of Rosecrans National Cemetery.

Most of the military people and their spouses buried in this cemetery are from World Wars I and II though according to their website, they have casualties from the San Pasqual in 1846 to more modern wars like Korea and Vietnam. I didn't see any Gulf War I or II burials but since it is still an active cemetery, I'm sure there are some.

It was a very peaceful cemetery and had gorgeous views overlooking both the Pacific Ocean (top photo) and San Diego Bay (bottom photo).

Once again, it reminded me of the price of our freedom paid for with our most valuable treasure, the blood of our soldiers. Another reminder that the decision to go to war should never be taken lightly.


sage said...

There is a national cemetery south of here, just outside of Battle Creek. It's a nice place to walk around. Your photos of the white markers all lined up with the water and blue sky are nice--San Diego is a beautiful place.

R. Sherman said...

There are national cemeteries all over the place as all veterans are entitled to be buried in one. My dad is buried at the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis. It's worth a visit as there are a sizable number of historic graves there, given the fort's importance during the Civil War and Indian Wars.

BTW, I visited the one on the bluff overlooking Omaha Beach in Normandy. Unbelievably moving.

Eutychus2 said...

Ed.... great pictures. I know that there is a trend for ground level markers, rather than the upright ones, but in a national cemetery there is something about those white markers that looks so reverent, even royal if you will.
again thanks.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

We have at least one National Cemetery in Georgia, and I found a tour of the National Cemetery near
Appomattox incredibly moving

PhilippinesPhil said...

Arlington is my favorite. I spent a lot of time wandering through it back when I was stationed across the wall from it at Henderson Hall for embassy guard school. My next favorite though is the American Cemetery in Manila. I tell folks that it is a MUST see spot for all Americans who happen to find themselves in the Phils. Bring a camera, mostly to take shots of the incredible mosaic murals in the many porticoes and pavilions. Google it, I think you will be surprised yet again! heh heh