Monday, May 9, 2011

Random Pictures With No Blog Post of Their Own

This was from inside the San Diego Convention Center taken from a descending escalator. I'm not someone who is 'into' architecture but this place was a gem.

This was a pedestrian bridge from the Convention Center to PETCO park just out of the picture to the left. There is also one of many pedicabs that patrolled the area and were constantly following me hoping that I would opt for riding instead of walking. I even saw one pedicab that had huge speakers pounding out base so if you drive one of those cars, you would feel right at home.

In the middle of the historic Gas Lamp district, I was walking along and spotted this door across the street. Since I don't often see Philippine related things too often in the middle of large cities, I was excited as I crossed the street to see what was behind the door. Unfortunately it was locked at three in the afternoon on a Wednesday and there was no sign stating hours, not even a number to call for an arranged appointment. When I got back home and Googled it, there isn't even a website.

What I wish I had the agility, balance and strength to still be able to do. Now I look at that and see a dislocated arm, stretched shoulder muscles and me lying in a motionless heap on the pier where this post was found.

I found this person sleeping in their tarp and they were just one in a long line of homeless people camped out next to that chain link fence. What struck me as ironic as that just across the street was a huge luxury Embassy Suites Hotel and on the other side of the chain link fence was a huge Naval Supply Center (NSC).

I have seen lots of graffiti but this is the first time I have seen it on a plant. These names were carved into the leaves of this plant somewhere in Balboa park.

An an engineer, I am fairly decent in abstract thinking, at least when it comes to spatial recognition. However, it didn't dawn on me what this was showing until my third or so look at it. Perhaps that is why when I go into modern art galleries I feel as if I could do the same thing and it wouldn't cost someone thousands of dollars to buy it.

Being not familiar with the flora of the west coast, I'm not sure what this tree is but it had a massive root system on top of the ground.

Due to having a passport that was only a few weeks away from expiring, I didn't cross the border into Mexico but I did make it down to Imperial Beach which is literally a stone's throw from the border. I found this sculpture on my walk down the beach.


Bone said...

Some interesting pictures, to say the least. That first one looks like what I would think a cryogenic chamber would look like.

And I'm betting Sage will know what kind of tree that is.

R. Sherman said...

Cool stuff, as always. I always find a bunch of unconnected photos in my albums from various trips. A "catch-all" post is a good idea.


Eutychus2 said...

Nice photo's Ed ..... I certainly enjoyed them; although I'm rather dense and still keep looking at that picture with the guy - can't figure it out - one day I will.

geri said...

Re: Philippine museum photo - typical lack of information that can expected from my kababayans. Sigh.

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