Friday, May 13, 2011

A Missed Opportunity

Up the bay from the U.S.S. Midway and the harbor tour boats, I walked by this collection of nautical vessels at the Maritime Museum several times and wished I had the time to tour them. I didn't see how much the price tag was but assuming it was the standard fare in the area, it probably would have been worth it. In front, is the U.S.S. Dolphin which is the deepest diving submarine in the world and still holds the record among active submarines. Behind that is the Berkeley steam ferry which used to work in San Diego Bay over a hundred years ago.

This ship was a replica of the British Royal Navy frigate Rose. Later is was converted to the HMS Surprise and used in the academy award winning film Master and Commander: Far Side of the World.

The Star of India seen above it the world's oldest active sailing ship and was built in 1863.

Above is a B39 Soviet Union submarine, one of the largest diesel and electric ones ever built. No word on how it ended up at the San Diego Maritime Museum.


sage said...

I would have liked to have visited there--especially the sailing ships. Growing up in a port city, we often got tours of such ships when they stopped. The Soviet Sub would be neat!

PhilippinesPhil said...

Awesome boat pics... I've visited a lot of maritime exhibits over the years, but I think my fav is the USS Olympia, Commodore Dewey's flagship during the Battle of Manila Bay against the Spanish. Its currently located at the Philly Maritime Museum, but now they are squawking that they can't support it anymore, that it may be sold as scrap. I SURE hope they are just threatening to do it. to get some rich history loving guy to keep it in one piece.

R. Sherman said...

Re: the Soviet sub. Wikipedia has your answer.


Ed said...

Sage - I am becoming a big fan of touring ships the more I tour them.

Phil - I will have to see that the next time I'm in the RP just in case the latter happens.

R. Sherman - Thanks for the answer but I wish it had been something cooler than we just bought the darn thing third hand!