Monday, May 30, 2011

Exploring My Family Tree: Not Forgotten - New Chapters

Closing in on four years ago, I wrote a series of four posts on my great grandfather Victor Kuck after writing a post on one specific memory of him a few months earlier. Those four were written from information that I had compiled through my genealogy research and from my talking with my grandfather and still represent most of my knowledge on him. I'm sure my grandfather knows a lot more about his father, my great grandfather that I would find interesting but my grandfather is losing his hearing and refuses to wear a hearing aid so it makes conversations with him very difficult.  Because of this, I have a hard time getting him to talk about his father.

The Man In the Picture and Green Gumdrops
Not Forgotten - Part One
Not Forgotten - Part Two
Not Forgotten - Part Three
Not Forgotten - Part Four

I probably would have let those five posts stand as final had not recently I was able to access some pictures found in my great uncle's house, the older son of Victor, after he was permanently transferred to a nursing home. My grandfather has pictures that I will hopefully be able to see someday but for now, they are stored in a box down in Florida where they live in winter and not accessible to me. I have spent the last few days sorting through the photos and scanning them into my computer and though they don't provide much additional information, they do somehow flesh out my memories of my great grandfather. So over the next few weeks, you will probably see some posts on the subject to write his memory into the internet for perhaps future generations who may be seeking information about him.

Victor Kuck died in when I was 11 years old and his wife Grace when I was 15 so I have memories of them both. However, I have no memories of Victor before his strokes which robbed him of much of his memory and function so the best memories are of my great grandmother Grace whom I spent lots of time with over the years. So fond are the memories that my daughter's middle name is in memory of Grace. My great Grandmother Grace talked fondly of her husband after he died and looking back through the pictures, there is not a one where I don't see them deeply in love. There are literally dozens just like the one above where the only thing changed is the scene.


R. Sherman said...

It's amazing how photos crystallize life. It's a shame so many people forget to write the names of the subject on the back, such that their stories become dimmer and ultimately lost over time. Good for you for remedying that.


PhilippinesPhil said...

Inspires me to think about starting to post some of my late father's memories that I was smart enough to capture over a five day interview back in 2000. He spoke about his life going back to the early 30s up through the late 50s. If I didn't do that, those memories would have evaporated.

Ed said...

R. Sherman - No kidding. I have spent quite a bit of time researching the pictures with my grandmother and writing the names on the back before they are lost to time. Unfortunately, some names have already been lost to time.

Phil - You have spoken of that interview before and it is a great inspiration. I've spent more and more time talking to my older relatives and recording their memories since you told me the story of your father. Everyone should do that before it is too late.