Monday, April 11, 2011

When Your Mind Wakes Before Your Body

Instead of the early morning grunt down the stairs that my daughter gives me every morning to signify that she is up, I heard crying in her room. I hurried up stairs into her room where I found her sitting on the edge of her bed clutching her right arm with her left.

"Daddy, my arm hurts," she cried.

"Where?" I asked her blowing on it with my magical cure all daddy's breath.

"Something is crawling up inside my arm" my daughter replied still crying.

Suddenly it hit me and I asked her if she had slept on top of her arm. She tearfully nodded and I then had an impromptu discussion on the mechanics of blood flow and how when you prevent the blood from flowing in an appendage by say, sleeping on it, your arm will tingle as the blood rushes back to feed all those tissues starving for oxygen. I'm sure that 95% of what I told her was completely lost on her but the 5% that she understood was that the feeling would go away quickly and nothing seriously was wrong with her arm.

But it got me to thinking. I wonder how old I was when I first had an arm fall asleep in bed? I have no recollection but if it happened now for the first time in my life, I might be pretty freaked out about it. It certainly wasn't a topic that crossed my mind as having to explain to my daughter someday before it happened to prevent freaking out. The one topic that falls into that category is quite a few years away and one that I hope my wife will take on.


R. Sherman said...

I've never thought about the first time that happened to me. I certainly don't remember it, but I can imagine it might freak out a little tyke.


Vince said...

We call that sensation 'pins and needles'.
Having a think on the mechanics of the experience, it only happens when you sleep face down. That might be why we never can remember the first time for we were put to sleep face down. And so a regular happening.
Is it not truly frightening the simply act of turning a child on it's back could save so many. And why on earth did it become so entrenched.

Eutychus2 said...

That was pretty quick thinking there dad! I'm sure it will give her confidence to seek you out on the more important issues of her life as she grows older - just remember not to tell her you're going to shoot her first little boyfriend.

sage said...

Sounds like one for the doctor/wife to handle (certainly the later issues will fall into that category). But I know what it is to dart up the stairs at the sound of one crying.