Monday, March 21, 2011

Little Abbey-isms

As we pull up to the private house of the lady who watches my daughter when she isn't in preschool, I suspect my daughter has been listening to my GPS unit:

Daughter: We're here, destination on right!


As a preface of sorts, my daughter visited an optometry office during preschool and it made quite an impression on her. She has always constantly asked if things are good for her eyes since. We were sitting down to a Filipino breakfast of rice, eggs, and longanisa, the latter being a sweet sausage of sorts when the following conversation occured. My daughter ate all of her longanisa but hadn't yet touched her egg or rice.

Daughter: Can I have more longanisa daddy?

Me: Eat some of your eggs and rice first.

Daughter: Is the longanisa good for my eyes?

Me: No sweety, but the eggs are good for your eyes.

Daughter: Is longanisa good for my tummy?


sage said...

Cute, but did she say it with the same accent as the GPS?

Ed said...

Sage - Perfectly. I have my GPS programmed with her voice instead of the ones that come with the unit.

geri said...

Little Abbey, the longganisa (especially the one from Vigan) is veeery good for your mouth, yum-yum!

Ed said...

Geri - I am a fan of tocino but my wife really likes the longganisa and we are always trying new brands to find the best one. I like the longganisa but to me, tocino is just the best thing for breakfast... with some eggs and rice of course.

geri said...

love tocino too - just a pain to clean the pan. Stayed for a time with Kapampangans (people from Pampangga - generally they are known to be good cooks) in Manila and they recommend Mekeni tocino. I think I've seen some in our filipino stores here. Yup, tocino breakfast is not complete without eggs (over easy for me) and rice, yum! =)