Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas On Panama City Beach Florida

Earlier this year while a hole in the Caribbean ocean remained unplugged and spewing oil, there was lots of news coverage of people along the coast complaining that all the tourists were staying away. So my brother and I hatched the idea of perhaps doing our part to contribute to this depressed economy and perhaps save ourselves some bucks by getting a good deal. My brother did most of the legwork but eventually we settled on the place with the twin dormers you see in the picture above. The price was excellent, it was right on the beach as you can see, and the stars aligned so my entire family were available and willing to travel to it. So we booked it.

Panama City Beach is evidently a big spring break destination but while we were there it was largely deserted.  There were large (I presume) time share rental buildings up and down the beach but judging from the few people coming from them during my stay, they too were largely deserted. Of the beach houses in-between, only the one immediately to the right of ours in the picture above had people in it. It was perfect for my want-to-be-away-from-all-the-riff-raff tastes.

This left plenty of beach for me to entertain myself on with plenty of breathing room all around. The picture above was about as crowded as it ever got. During my entire trip, I pretty much stuck to the same schedule. I would get up before dawn and as the sky began to light up, I would go for a walk on the beach. After breakfast I would go for another. I would take Little Abbey out for a play session in the sand in late morning. The afternoon would be spent catching up on reading or other things followed by another play session in the sand with Little Abbey and another long walk right before sunset. I got some miles in walking on that fine white sand.

One thing that really impressed me about the beach was how clean it was. All along the beach you could find those blue barrels scattered out at regular intervals and people would toss their trash in them for a tractor and wagon to drive by and pick up now and then. It worked well. I found very little man made trash during my time on that beach or my long walks up and down it. Finally, when I wasn't walking along the beach or sitting on the deck not seen in the picture above, looking down upon the beach, I was inside and this was the view from my bedroom window. It was a rough life but someone had to do it!


R. Sherman said...

Beautiful. It's hard to find a better beach than Florida's panhandle coast.


sage said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good vacation, Ed!

Ed said...

R. Sherman - I'll have to take your word on that.

Sage - It gets better. Stayed tuned.

geri said...

The sand is so white I even thought it was snow at first! I like the house.

TC said...

HOW reasonably priced?

I miss the beach.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

One of my first time-shares is on Panama City Beach, within walking distance of the house where you stayed. I go there the week of Memorial Day (every fifth year, the week before Memorial Day). It is a wonderful place. Just before the housing crunch they built all those big time share condos in your picture, and most of them are empty most of the time. Glad not to be an investor. I wish I had known you were going, I would have given you a list of really top notch restaurants. (They even have a barbecue (about four blocks off the beach) that would have been a fair contestant in your worlds best contest.

Ed said...

Geri - I loved the sand until the end of the week when it nearly ruined my camera. Then I had a second opinion of it.

TC - Per family, it cost less per night than staying in a bargain chain motel.

3 Score - Since there were eleven of us, we mostly took turns cooking. I did eat lunch at Pineapple Willy's which was okay but nothing special and we ate lunch at Hunt's Oyster and Seafood
Bar across the bay in Panama City and it was spectacular!

malor said...

I am jealous! Happy Holiday!

Bone said...

I'd say you picked the perfect time to visit PCB. My one trip there was in summer and there were just way too many teenagers for my liking.

And you were still only about a 45-minute drive from the Donut Hole.