Monday, December 13, 2010

Two Down and Another One... or Two Left to Go

Once again I have successfully dressed myself in a nice button up shirt and khakis, the latter one I have only donned once in recent years and that was for my brother's wedding under threat of being excommunicated from the family, and played the part of supporting spouse as I ate dinner with a bunch of doctors at another country club. Why their choice of location I don't know since none of them so far have played golf. I hope I nodded at the appropriate time, said the right amusing antidote at the right time, and for god's sake, picked the right fork to eat my salad and the right one to eat my entrĂ©e. On a side note, I would feel much safer if the interview was held at an Applebees or a Chilis instead of a country club.

This group of doctors was very similar to the previous group of doctors that my wife interviewed with except this group had one oddball. While the others had on suits, the oddball had on a button up shirt that could be found at any big box clothing store on the discount rack. I could relate with that. While the other doctors talked of their children here and there at various colleges on the east coast, the oddball talked of duck hunting and doing triage on his dog before fishing a couple more hours and heading home. I could actually understand and identify with this guy and I am not a big hunter. I guess that makes me an oddball too.

At the last country club dinner interview I attended a few weeks ago, everyone was ordering steaks and so in following my motto of doing as Romans do when in Rome, I also ordered a steak. It was tough, chewy and flavorless. In fact, everything I tasted at that dinner tasted as it came out of the same bland, overcooked pot. So this time I decided I was going to order what I wanted regardless of what everyone else ordered. This group of doctors were evidently the chicken or salmon type as they all ordered something in one of those two groups so I ended up being a Roman in Rome again. I went with the crab cakes and asparagus with mashed potatoes. My wife who hadn't been paying attention to my order, ended up ordering the exact same thing. I'm not sure if that was a social faux pas or not. Regardless, the meal was outstanding.

This group of doctors really wants to hire my wife in the worst way I think. There are three of them, two of whom are nearing retirement. Incidentally the oddball is the youngest which makes me think I would have a hunting buddy or at least someone I can talk too intelligently if my wife accepts the job. I'm sure a job offer will soon appear in the mail and then my wife will have a big decision to make though she may still go ahead with the other two hospitals wanting to interview her. Of all the hospitals she has or will most likely interview with, this was the only one that is most likely out of commuting range. It is an hour and fifteen minutes away so it is possible but it would be a tiresome drive to do everyday. The location however makes up for being so far away as it is full of views overlooking two large rivers, my kind of place and a place where a custom boat building business could really take hold. The town itself is about the same size as the one where we currently live though being more of a regional focal point, has a lot more businesses. It still is suffering like most of rural Iowa and is gradually dying but it has more life in it than most.

My wife is torn because both interviewed groups of doctors really like her and both are groups of MD's specialized in internal medicine so my wife would have company. In the other two hospitals, my wife would most likely be the sole internal medicine doctor. One group is large and has access to lots of doctors of other specialties to help read various tests pertaining to diagnosing someone who might become a patient of my wife. The other group is small and they pretty much learn to read all those various tests themselves, something my wife hasn't been taught and will have to learn from them. Also since the small group is probably just a few years from retiring two thirds of the doctors, she could quickly be leading it. Decisions, decisions and for once, I'm glad it isn't me who has to make them. I'm just sitting back (while being supportive) and seeing where life will take her and ultimately me.


R. Sherman said...

It must be an exciting time for your wife. Continued to good wishes her way as she goes through the decision making process.

BTW, the moment you figured out they really want her to join the group, is the moment you could've dropped your pants and it wouldn't have mattered.


sage said...

It sounds like your wife is in an enviable position... Enjoy your meals and may they always be an odd ball in the group.

malor said...

It is very exciting, indeed. You're finally tasting the sweet reward of all the sacrifices and hardwork. I am happy for your family a happy journey. I cannot wait to find out which group she will choose.

geri said...

Oh to be in your wife's career shoes =) The world is her oyster, the sacrifices is paying off! Good luck to you both!

TC said...

I'd say your wife is a lucky lady :)

Anonymous said...

Hello! Been awhile since I posted a comment.I think the one hospital where you say she's the only IM doctor sounds like it's going to be busy for her 24/7! I can now imagine her pager constantly going every night/day if the hospital has no in house doctor,or hospitalists as we call them. But I salute and congratulate her for continuing her training! Regards to Mrs "A."
Hope my comment will go through this time as I tried to comment couple of times before and it won't go.
Trina H.