Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Doctor Doctor Give Me the News!

Though it really wasn't a shocker after years of hearing that doctors, especially family practice and internal medicine doctors, are in short supply, it was still nice to know after her first interview for a job she won't even start until fall of 2012, that they want her. In fact, they want her so badly that they are willing to give my wife a signing bonus and a monthly stipend from now until 2012 if she just commits. I know if they had offered me the job, I would have committed on the spot but they didn't and since my wife still has two more scheduled interviews and possibly a third, she is in no rush to commit until those have been completed. I have no doubt that all two or three remaining hospitals will be interested in her too which leads me to the conclusion that engineering is the wrong racket to be in.

The nice part about the whole thing is that all the hospitals save one are easily within commuting distance from where we currently live and where I currently work. So this gives us some leeway if we would like to take some time to relocate and one way or the other, one of us will have at maximum, a twenty minute commute. Most likely it will be me so that my wife can be closer to the hospital so that on nights when she is on call, she can still come home and be at the hospital within the allotted time should need arise.

The whole thing is also emphasis that big changes may not be too far off in our lives. The biggest change is that we would like to sell our house here in town for an acreage outside of town. Our hope is that it would allow us to live our dream of being more self sufficient by having a larger garden and perhaps raising our own meat. I've always had a dream of designing and building a house, and though that isn't relegated to beyond city limits, the ability to start fresh might let me work that into the our life schedule. Finally, I've also had dreams of starting my own business and working for myself instead of others, and with her most likely making more money than me, perhaps that will be the time to try it out, perhaps being a stay at home father and raising another kid along the way. Exciting times for sure.

I'm still way ahead and counting chickens before they hatched because the doctors from her first interview have yet to even talk money. That is being scheduled with their person who does such things who lives in the same urban jungle where my wife works. It didn't make sense for her to drive all the way down here to talk money only to have both her and my wife drive back to the urban jungle afterwards. Plus there are still upwards of three more interviews in various nearby communities and who knows, one of them could still make us an offer we can't refuse.


TC said...

I frequently think I picked the wrong career path.

sage said...

All career paths have down sides too, but medicine has a lot going for it. Congratulations on your wife's offer.

Bone said...

Congrats on the good news!

I'd love to have a huge garden someday. But I'll leave the meat raisin' to you.

geri said...

That's great and exciting news Ed and Mrs. Abbey! Well worth the sacrifice =)