Monday, November 1, 2010

Clown Farts

This year we finally deemed that our daughter was old enough to go trick-or-treating for the first time. She did enjoy handing out candy to costumed people knocking on our door in previous years but I felt that she needed to experience the other side of things. Okay, the truth is I needed a chocolate fix. So we dressed her up as a clown and set out.

Things didn't go well. I had to hold her hand and do all the talking at every house we stopped at. At one house where the occupant handing out candy had put on a scary old man mask, I even had to bridge the distance between her and him and grab a candy while never letting go of her hand clutched tightly onto mine. Try as I might, I couldn't get her to say trick-or-treat or thank-you at any house. I was beginning to think I should have dressed her up as a mime. We hit up the handful of people we knew and a few more nearby their houses and called it a night. Although she has been on a candy high for a couple days already from other candy given to her by well meaning adults, she now has enough candy to continue her sugar high for another couple weeks. I'm even figuring on that full sized snickers bar disappearing the next time she falls asleep.

The title? Oh yeah. While my wife was applying clown make-up on my daughter, she let rip a rather loud and long fart. She smiled as all clowns do I suppose and announced that it was a "clown fart!"


R. Sherman said...

Where did she learn the word, "fart?"

The downside to living where we do, is that we used to have to drive a along way to find a decent trick or treat neighborhood, that didn't involve trekking on the two lane state highway. Now that there's a subdivision next door, our kids have outgrown trick or treat.


Ed said...

R. Sherman - I blame all such inquiries on where she learned this word or that on daycare and/or preschool. So far my wife has bought that excuse.

Vince said...

I bought a few packs of penny sweets just in case. And a group of four tots turned up at about 7.30, so I glad I did.
I was actually quite surprised as I was expecting them much earlier.

But why did she not go with her mates from kindergarten. I doubt she would be as shy with them as she is with you, maybe.

Ed said...

Vince - She is only 4 so she isn't in kindergarten yet and even if she was, I don't feel that she is old enough to go anywhere without adult supervision.

Vince said...

True, I thought your girl was older. Not much older, but then a small amount means a lot at that age.

TC said...

Man, most kids I know goes as babies :)

Also, HOW do kids learn the word fart?!?! I had the kids at the Union a couple weekends ago, and one after the other, they started passing gas. Hunter was all "I just farted!" while this poor person was taking a photo of the three of us on the giant chair.

His favorite aunt was sooooo embarassed, but he and Jacy wouldn't stop giggling (or farting for that matter).