Monday, October 25, 2010

Capital Closeup

The above picture is the toe of my shoe courtesy of my daughter who had the camera and still loves her closeup shots. Not really knowing how to work that into a post of its own, I just thought I would tack it onto the front of this one.

I thought I would include the above picture as part of my protest against the brutal campaigning going on right now. An upside down American flag is a sign of distress but it just happened to be oriented that way as I was taking a picture of the capital dome of Iowa from the inside. We have a cheese ball for a governor, at least for another couple months assuming he gets beat here next week as all the polls show by a cheese ball we had as a former governor, but at least we have a top notch capital. Our taxpayer dollars at work.

The State House of Representatives wasn't in session but ironically the same amount of work was getting done as when they are actually in session. I'm guessing they can't get anything done because they are too busy looking up at the ceiling. Another examples of our taxpayer dollars at work.

Last but not least, a model of the U.S.S. Iowa which always fascinates me. I have always loved looking at large, realistic models that someone has obviously invested a significant portion of their life, building.  This particular model is probably about fifteen feet long so it wasn't something that you could do on the dining room table in the evenings, at least not unless you were still a bachelor. Back when I was a bachelor, my kitchen table was nothing more than a horizontal filing system. The lazy boy was my dining room furniture of choice.


R. Sherman said...

I love huge ship models; the larger the better.

BTW, I think everyone should attend a session of his/her state's legislature just once, in order to verify how much BS actually goes on. It's a wonder our country functions at all.


Vince said...

Is that a huge flat-screen above the speakers chair.

TC said...

It's not just Iowa.

Ed said...

Vince - It is along with the smaller ones on either side. I assume they are so everyone can see visual displays put on by the person giving the speech at the time.

Murf said...

Beautiful building.

I once purchased a ship kit for Big A. It was a wooden replica of a Viking ship. Unfortunately the instructions were all in Italian. It never got made.

Bone said...

I'm guessing they can't get anything done because they are too busy looking up at the ceiling.

LOL I think you might be on to something.

Good call on the horizontal filing system. My kitchen table is that exactly.