Monday, September 20, 2010

Six Year Blog-a-versary

Six years ago, I was having a not of this world experience.
Five and a half years ago I blogged about the day my great grandmother Ramie died in the back seat.
Five years ago I possibly had a run-in with the American arm of the Russian mofia.
Four and a half years ago I was blogging about my dog Ted.
Four years ago, I was blogging on my nearly four-month-old daughter.
Three and a half years ago I was describing parts of my anatomy in a monastery setting.
Three years ago, I was telling stories about the childhood town that I grew up near.
Two and a half years ago I was up on my soapbox speaking about dam politics.
Two years ago, I declared it the year of the landscaping which turned out to be short lived.
One and a half years ago I attending my own family reunion after a month of bachelorhood.
One year ago, I was blogging about a meal of raw fish.
Six months ago I was showing you a typical Iowa spring.

Today I am reminiscing about a wonderful six years of blogging. I wonder what the next six will bring.


sage said...

Happy blog anniversay. My sixth year is coming up in December... Until I went back and read the post, I was wondering if you through the "American arm of the Russian mofia" was in S. Florida. :)

Beau said...

Congratulations! A good bit of writing over time in the world of blogging. We look forward to more...

geri said...

Happy Blog Anniversary Ed! Started reading your blog 4 years ago =)

Ed said...

Sage - I never would have thought that I would keep it up this long. I had more thoughts bottled up in my head than I thought.

Beau - I'll keep doing it as long as it is a joy and not work to maintain it. So far, it's still a joy.

Geri - The name of the Phil-Am forum that we were members of escapes me at the moment. But when it closed up shop, it seemed only natural to keep in touch since we obviously share similar experiences and our Visa timelines were also almost identical. Even our children are practically the same age. It's always nice reading your blog and knowing what to expect in the next three months!

Vince said...

the gift is Iron, Sugar or wood.


Ed said...

Vince - Thanks Vince! I'll take the wood, preferably split, well seasoned and stacked neatly underneath my upper deck!

R. Sherman said...

Happy Blogiversary! More are accepted, nay, demanded!


Eutychus2 said...

Congratulations Ed, I hope I am half as disciplined in blogging as you are. Wow, I am learning some new language here ... blog-a-versary ... I like it.

Ed said...

R. Sherman - Excellent quote!

Eutychus2 - I wish I could claim if for my own but I've read it before on other blogs.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

I still miss Ted, for what its worth.

TC said...

Six fast they come and go.

I remember when I first was reading and Bone had like his fourth bloggiversary or something. I couldn't imagine blogging for four years. Well, that milestone was a couple months ago for me.

Still, I really can't imagine coming up with something to say long enough to keep people visiting for another two years ;)

Happy bloggiversary.