Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gooseberry Falls

Gooseberry Falls 1998

A couple years ago I bought my parents a slide scanner. They have dozens, perhaps upwards of 50 trays of slides that they have taken or inherited from my father's parents over the years. They were having a hard time keeping their current slide projector with a vertical tray system going since the default these days is the much more reliable horizontal tray system. They were looking at the option of buying a new projector and 50 trays to transfer pictures from one system to another or as they are currently doing, nothing. I came up with an alternative solution of a slide scanner that they could scan their slides onto their computer hard drive and thus enter the 21rst century in technology. Flash forward a couple of years and other than a couple individual slides, they have yet to scan them into their computer. The reason as anyone who has done it knows, is slide scanning it a long and laborious process.

Having gotten in on the tail end of the slide phase in photography, I ended up with about three trays of slides of my own and though I have a projector of the horizontal kind, I am too lazy to set it and the screen up just to watch three trays of slides. So I had the ulterior motive of buying a slide scanner for my parents and borrowing it after they got all their slides scanned. After two years of waiting, I came to the realization that just wasn't going to happen unless I did it myself. So I borrowed the slide scanner, a good start of their trays (six trays of approximately 100 slides each), and set it up at my place to do it for them.

I suspected that when I start scanning their slides, I am going to be lost down memory lane so I began by scanning in my 400+ slides ranging from the mid 90's to the early 00's when I shot my last roll of slide film. Two of those pictures are shown on this post and are of Gooseberry Falls on the north shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. I have always had a thing for photographing water and waterfalls and probably have 100 pictures of one of those two things. Yes nearly 25% of my slides if you are doing the math. I will probably be posting them on my blog in the future even if they have nothing to do with the subject at hand.

Below Gooseberry Falls 1998


R. Sherman said...

I need to invest in one of those for my mom, who's got a bagillion slides from the way back. So do I, for that matter.


Eutychus2 said...

I really like those slides! thanks.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

I have two slide scanners and use each pf them "once in awhile". I have enough slides that I could go into the scanning business full time and wouldn't get them done in a year.

Bone said...

Gorgeous falls. Looks to be about the same height as the falls we slide down in the forest. Although these look much bumpier, like you might injure something.

I don't have slides, but I have a ton of digital pictures I need to get printed and/or save somehow.

Ed said...

R. Sherman - I hope you have a bagillion hours to scan them in!

Eutychus2 - That makes two of us.

3 Score - Fortunately I saw the 'light' before I got too deeply committed.

Bone - I think lot of people swim there during the summer months.