Friday, April 30, 2010

Urban Progress Report


I took these pictures a little over a week ago before we got all the rain that knocked the blooms off of the redbud tree. I have two of them and I really enjoy them every spring... at least when we don't get a late frost that kills the blooms before they flower.

Sour Cherry Fruit

Finally proof that my sour cherry tree can pollinate itself and that the late freezes of the last few years have been the reason for lack of cherries. I know I won't have enough for a pie yet but I might get a couple handfuls of cherries if I can beat the birds to them later this year.


This is my first attempt at raising garlic in my tiny garden here in town. It is growing well so far and since it doesn't take much room to grow quite a bit of cloves, it will probably be a yearly item for my garden.


Tomatoes are also a yearly item in my garden and between those eight plants and the garlic, take up my entire garden this year. I do have a small raised bed strawberry patch but it can't compete with the weeds and so I'm not going to show it. Because of the shade that I have, my tomato plants are always spindly and don't have a lot of leaves but usually provide enough for me to put up a couple dozen quarts of tomato sauce for chili, spaghetti sauce and what not. It certainly isn't very economical if you count what my time is worth and cost of supplies but it tastes good and keeps me from more expensive hobbies. This picture (along with the one of the garlic) is probably a couple weeks old and shortly after I planted them. They look better now.


sage said...

if I wanted a garden here, I'd have to have a fence on the scale that they have Fort Knox to keep the deer out. I wonder if deer eat garlic?

Ed said...

Sage - Yes and no. The guy who gave me my starter garlic said that the deer avoid his and then later after he told me that, he said that some of his had been eaten though not killed. So I would say they don't like it but it might take them a plant or two to determine that fact. Although I have seen a deer or two over the years here in town just blocks from the town square, I haven't had problems with them like I have the rabbits.

R. Sherman said...

Nicely done.

Good luck on the cherries. If you have too many, I'd be pleased to driver north to take the excess off your hands.

BTW, our redbuds are long gone. Call it, "Fun With Latitude."

Murf said...

Isn't it a bit early to plant things in the ground?

Ed said...

R. Sherman - My redbud blooms are gone now too.

Murf - Generally I figure by May 1rst, it is safe to plant things like tomatoes. But salad stuff can be planted much earlier and people are already harvesting stuff from their gardens. If you are referring to crops, corn can be planted after April 10th if you want to insure it and soybeans after April 21 for the same reason. My parents have all their corn in but are waiting for the rains to stop to get the soybeans in.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

As an Idaho native, I was a little concerned after my arrival in Georgia about the best time to plant various garden plants (I was renting a small acreage with, for me, an enormous garden. I asked my landlord (this was mid March) what was the best time to plant potatoes? "Valentines day" he stated. I seem to have missed that, I said, what would be the next best time. "Next Valentines day" quoth he

PhilippinesPhil said...

man after my own heart... if there's anyway at all i'll grow at least one tomato plant.

Ed said...

3 Score - I just love locals who say things like that.

Phil - Even in my apartment days, I grew a tomato plant in a five gallon bucket.

Beau said...

How did I miss this one!? I would have linked our cherry posts if I thought about it. Good for you on the tomatoes- I like that you have them in a dedicated area. Mine are strung around a fence perimeter, which helps support them, but growth is hit or miss sometimes.

Garlic does really well for us, and seems to grow almost anywhere. And your cherry tree does look just like mine. I can't wait for it to get bigger...