Monday, April 26, 2010

Train Ride!

As you can probably surmise from the title and the picture above, I got to spend a morning riding Amtrak's California Zephr as part of a field trip my daughter's preschool class recently took. Thirty children ages 3 and 4 along with thirty adults piled onto a big yellow school bus for a thirty minute ride to the nearest station west of town, waited for the east bound train for over an hour and a half due to it being late, rode the actual train for forty minutes to the next stop, rushed to the potty as we were coming into our destination town so that my daughter wouldn't have an accident on the tracks, then rode the school bus thirty minutes west back to our home town.

The train I would have liked to have been riding. As you can tell, lots of other kids would like to have ridden it and by the time our train arrived an hour and a half later, all the dust and grease on the front end of this train had been cleaned off to a shiny polish.

My daughter at the helm of the camera was ready for lunch before we even got on the train.

She didn't spend much time looking out the windows during the ride.

One of my daughter's pictures again. She is still absorbed on the micro level. These holes are the ventilation grate cover under her shoes in the picture above.

The lock knob to the tray on the seat back in front of her. She probably unlocked and lowered her tray a good thousand times in the forty-five minutes we were on the train. Fortunately, the seat in front was empty.


R. Sherman said...

My son's eighth grade trip to Chicago will be by train. I'm going to have to miss at least half the trip because of scheduling, but I was looking forward to the train ride.


Ed said...

R. Sherman - Other than the fact that our only option here is the California Zephyr between California and Chicago and it is perpetually late, I really like it and enjoy my one train ride I have taken so far.

Murf said...

Don't take her on the Agawa Canyon train tour in Ontario. I'm still trying to wake up from that snoozefest and it's been 3 years. On the 3 hour ride back, we were relegated to taking pictures like L.A. did just for entertainment. Someday I should share those. :-)

Beau said...

Hmmm... perhaps a microbiologist one day! What a great trip :) Like the new format by the way...

Bone said...

You could post one of her really super close-up shots and have people guess what the object is.

I think there's a train from Birmingham to New Orleans. We thought about taking it last year when we went to the Sugar Bowl.

geri said...

Little Abbey's field trip included a train ride? How fun!

Ed said...

Murf - I thought your Agawa Canyon train trip sounded great. I have it on my things-to-do-in-the-future list.

Beau - I'm glad it allows you to comment again.

Bone - Good idea. Stayed tuned for a post in the near future.

Geri - Well I must say it was more fun for the kids than me but that was the whole idea. It did allow me to hobknob with the other parents though.

TC said...

I love the foot shot :)

I had the munchkins this weekend, and at times I thought I was going to have to fight to get my own camera, too.