Friday, March 26, 2010

I Guess I Missed Out On the Singing Gene

I didn't want to blog about this earlier for fear of jinxing things but the danger of that is over. In short, a cousin of mine made the top 24 on the show American Idol, a fact I didn't learn until after the fact. Mind you this isn't a first cousin but we did share the same set of great grandparents so that makes us something like second cousins and since I am one generation older, I have to add a once removed to it, I think. Although I never actually met this cousin, I knew my cousin's parents and especially the grandmother quit well and spent many an hour at the latter's house as I grew up.

Once I heard the news I had to log into the American Idol website to check it out since I don't watch the show. Later, I tuned in one Tuesday to try and hear my cousin sing but alas, the other gender was singing that night. For some reason when I looked at the listings the following week, I thought they were just doing eliminations from the week before but alas, I had instead missed hearing my cousin sing. I checked my cousin out on YouTube since they have everything there and though my cousin has a set of pipes and sang some really good songs, the audition that I missed watching wasn't as stellar as some of the others. In short, my cousin was eliminated in the crunch to reduce the field size to twelve.

It's too bad because I would have maybe actually cast my first text vote on American Idol had my cousin advanced and I had actually watched the show to see what number I had to call but it just wasn't meant to be. So I am left contemplating the fact that my family actually has a singing gene in it somewhere but as people who know me can attest, I obviously didn't get it. I did get the high score once at karaoke night of my wife's family reunion but I had a few beers in me at the time, it was held in the Philippines and I was the only one who was singing in my native language. I don't think this counts.


sage said...

I know what it's like to have a singer in the family. My daughter made the state middle school honor's chorus this year--as a 6th grader--when she was three, I was holding her as we were singing in a hymn in church. She whispered in my ear, "Daddy, you don't sing very well."

Congratulations to your cousin.

geri said...

Couldn't you have put in the gender at least? To me the contestants sang better during the audition and hollywood week than when on the "formal" stage. Maybe we will be seeing Little Abbey in american idol 12 years from now =)

R. Sherman said...

I agree it's best never to jinx anything. Congrats to your cousin, even though I don't watch the show. I wish him/her well in the future.


Bone said...

I have an unspoken policy that I will only do karaoke out of town. But I think I like your idea of doing it in another country better.

malor said...

is she the one from west des moines?

Ed said...

Sage - I hope my daughter sings better than I too.

Geri - I decided to obscure the gender for privacy concerns. Although I wish L.A. the ability to sing, I don't wish her American Idol abilities. I'm not sure I could hack weeks of having to stay in Hollywood waiting for her twice a week performances. I spent a couple weeks out there this summer and that was enough for a lifetime.

R. Sherman - I'm not sure how much future my cousin will have but at least it is something to tell their kids in the future.

Bone - I felt pretty safe from repercussions in another country but not completely. When you sing karaoke, you are always taking a chance!

Malor - No comment. See my response to Geri.

Eutychus2 said...

I take a compliment any way it comes, even if I'm the only one qualifying; they are so hard to come by with my genes. As I'm finding out in my ancestory revelations.

TC said...

I realized at my Grandpa's funeral the other day that I seem to be the only one that missed out on the singing gene in my family. He could sing, his Dad could sing, one of my Aunt's and her daughter sang at the funeral... I'm feeling left out myself.