Friday, February 12, 2010

Signs of Winter

Superbowl Feast

Potential Fire and Snow

Daddy and "Sweety" in Snowman Form

Hello In There?


R. Sherman said...

That's a good looking bowl of wings.

BTW, I love your deck. My wife demands that we redo our patio to be able to spend more time out there. Something tells me its going to be a busy summer.


sage said...

Next year, I want to celebrate the superbowl in Iowa!

Ed said...

R. Sherman - Worst part is that it is way too sunny and hot to enjoy it most of the year. It is nice only in spring and fall.

Sage - I'll hold you to that.

Murf said...

I'm coming too.

That's not salad-in-a-bag, is it?

Murf said...

By the way, you should thank me for not sharing my corn cob comment. ;-)

Ed said...

Murf - I've beginning to wonder, "Why don't they write?" as quoted by Timmons in Dances With Wolves. We did take our chance with a salad in a bag, something we rarely do. But the only other choice we had was a sorry looking head that was wilted and brown.

Murf said...

Really? I only find the brown wilted stuff in the bagged salad. Yet another reason to move to Iowa. :-)

Anonymous said...
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