Friday, February 19, 2010

Desert Rat On the TSA... Again

The TSA in a bid to make the airline world a safer place, is now going to implement palm swabbing for explosive to their EXTENSIVE repertoire. Evidently they haven't figured out that no self-respecting terrorist would pack their own explosive or lie about the "has anyone other than you packed or touched your bag" question. Even in the off chance that a terrorist is working by themselves and thus forced to pack their own explosive underwear, I'm guessing donning a cheap pair of rubber gloves is now going to be under the mandatory section in the "how to blow up an airplane" manual.

If that weren't bad enough, they had to reinforce that this method would not be applied in a discriminatory fashion and would be completely random. For example, just because you are a young, single, Muslim man with a I "heart" America t-shirt with a slash symbol super imposed upon it and a bulge in your pants not caused by increased blood flow, you have just as much chance of being selected as the red hair little 4-year-old, in tow with two parents and wearing an I "heart" New York shirt. Jay Stanley, attorney for the ACLU says to selectively target people would be, "just unfair and not the American way." He also said, "it's just also a terrible way to do security." That is why we are always going to be under a terror watch for the foreseeable future because to a terrorist, getting through security just becomes a game of chance and one that they are willing to still play.


R. Sherman said...

One has a feeling that the bureaucrats in charge of this stuff must be deliberately trying to create a system which will a)piss everybody off; b)result in the greatest amount of lost freedom; and c)guarantee that something bad will happen in the future in order to further increase state interference with our autonomy.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Saur said...

Until we get real, and stop being so damned politically correct, it will get worse. Someday they'll have hotels at every airport because everyone will arrive the day before and go through an entire day of screening before they can go anywhere.

TC said...

I agree with Saur.

The facts - as I see them - are as follows:

1. Not all Muslims are terrorists.
2. Muslims have attacked us.
3. Four-year-old white boys/girls have not.

Do the math. If you're innocent, then we're happy to have you onboard. If not, just remember that every person has been stereotyped before and probably will be again. I got it when I was in Ireland (Ireland!!!) and again in Germany (Germany!!!). It's gonna happen; deal with.

sage said...

Good thing I ain't a gardener, I hate to fertilize right before flying somewhere, giving someone the right to check my undies... I do think we need more serious security, but this ain't it.

I wonder what TC was stereotyped as...

Vince said...

Over the last twenty years the crime stats show that overall the rate is down. But reading the 'papers or watching TV sure as heck would not back them up.
In this a bet has to be made, do we as Sherman says piss off the greatest number with useless annoying controls but which reassure them. Or far in the background attempt to really prevent them getting that near in the first place.
The thing is, it has now gotten to the point where any hoax phone call will cause vastly more loss of life within a building space than any likely amount of explosive. And if for no other reason than the city police would have to shoot to calm crushing at doors.

Ed said...

R. Sherman - It certainly is a slippery slope and sometimes I feel we are already wildly out of control.

Saur - I wouldn't be surprised about this or them requiring your last stool sample to detect ingested bomb making materials.

TC - I've said this many times before. I expect that I look more like a potential terrorist and should get examined way more often than I do. When I waltz through security and that frail old lady in the wheelchair that I saw held up by two TSA agents so she could be wanded more thoroughly, it just kind of pisses me off.

Sage - I would be in favor of this and more aggressive screening if and only if they used selective instead of random screening. The random screening just gets everyone upset and only reduces the odds instead of totally preventing which should be the end goal.

Vince - I think our government has proven that background checks are about worthless too. We have innocent people with names too close to terrorists getting denied and we have known terrorists with underwear full of explosives making it on a plane. I've pretty much concluded that our government is the polar opposite of King Midas. Everything our government touches turns to sh$t instead of gold and yes, that dollar sign was deliberate because despite it being sh$t, we certainly pay through the nose for it.

Bone said...

to me, there would seem to be a major problem when I can't even manage to get through security without removing my belt, shoes and jacket, yet that last guy gets through carrying a bomb.

Anonymous said...
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