Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Arie den Boer Arboreteum - Indian Magic Tree


R. Sherman said...

And to you!


Vince said...

Is it not amasing that the birds will not eat the New unless they are almost beyond starvation.
With us the Ornamental can last to the bud stage in Spring. That is unless we gat a Lapwing invasion and when this happens our own native birds have a bad Winter even if it is very soft.

Have a happy new year.

Ed said...

Vince - I suppose these berries could be poisonous and the birds know that. I don't however which is why I stuck to taking pictures instead of baking a pie with them.

Murf said...

Happy New Year, Ed. 2010 just might be your lucky year - you get to meet Big A AND me. ;-)

Ed said...

Murf - One person's luck is another person's fate! ;)