Friday, December 4, 2009


One of the perks of having a second place to live in the urban jungle is that we are close to kid friendly things such as the zoo and can justify buying a season membership. We bought one during the middle of this summer and have already been to the zoo a half dozen times. Little Abbey really enjoys the zoo and loved this part which had an aquarium with a large fish that looked very much like Nemo and these mesmerizing jellyfish. However, to get to this part you have to go through a darkened area of a rain forest complete with thunder and lightening. Little Abbey didn't like that part and still refers to this building as the scary house and refused to go into it even if she has to miss out on seeing Nemo.


Eutychus2 said...

That is one definitely 'gorgeous' picture!

sage said...

Beautiful, I could sit for hours and watch them swim

Saur♥Kraut said...

How fun! I really miss those days and having my son at that age again.

Murf said...

I hope Big A doesn't see this entry. He has a big dislike of deep sea creatures.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

pretty pic. I have some similar pictures from the Atlanta aquarium. Aquaria are just nice places to go.

Vince said...

Leather-back Turtles are up as high as Ireland because of the vast increase in Jellyfish. And since Neoprene suits are all the rage at the moment we also tend to encounter the Jelly both further out and for longer in the year.
I believe that there is nothing on earth more important both for kids and us than encountering life other than ourselves. Do you remember the curve of your back like a drawn Bow on your first time looking at pond-water via a microscope.

Ed said...

Eutychus2 - I had to hold my camera over my head to get above all the smudge marks from the numerous greasy hands.

Sage - I could too. It's like a lava lamp only much cooler!

Saur - I'm enjoying it while I can because she is growing up too fast as you well know from experience.

Murf - I don't like swimming where I can't see the bottom for that very reason.

3 Score - I stood outside that very aquarium this past Sunday. I didn't get a chance to visit it for reasons blogged about in the near future.

Vince - I have never been scuba diving but might do that sometime in the future.

Unpronouncable Name - Your welcome.