Monday, October 12, 2009

All Jacked Up

Coming back from my Missouri gravestone hunt for my four 3rd great grandparents not buried in Iowa, we took the graveled back roads back into Iowa. We hit the pavement just west of a little town named Pulaski, a town I know well, and proceeded to head east into town. Just on the out skirts of town, the traffic was stopped and off in the center of town, I could see a just a mass of cars and police car lights.

I assumed that there had been a big accident but having spent a few years of my life in Pulaski, including going to kindergarten there, I knew my way around. I swung off onto a side street and made my way through town and back to the main road on the very east side of town. But when I got there, I realized that some horrific accident hadn't closed down the road but the parade for the Pulaski Corn Show.

I pulled up to the stop sign, turned off the engine, rolled down the windows and proceeded to enjoy the parade from the comfort of the drivers seat. Soon, other cars that must have seen my departure on the other side of the town, pulled up behind me, realized the same thing I did and turned off their cars in a big line.

It was your normal parade with the normal participants but one stood out above all the rest. Having learned how to drive a tractor on a John Deere 4020, I am very familiar with it. This John Deere 4020 isn't like any others because it had been jacked up in the air several feet. I had to hurry to get my camera out of its case, out the window and snap this picture but I was able to capture it. It took me less time to think of a tag line for it.

What Farm Boys Do With Too Much Time On Their Hands


Saur♥Kraut said...

Wow. As we don't grow corn down here, this really is odd to me. Of course orange trees are strange to our northern transplants. I have an employee who just moved down from Alabama who still can't get over our orange groves.

R. Sherman said...

That is a classic tractor. I wonder how many Americans learned to drive on that machine? (I learned on an old Ford 8N.)


Ed said...

Saur - I always love going to new areas and looking at the crops. My recent trip out to California left me wondering what was growing in a field many a time.

R. Sherman - I think I learned to drive a 4020 when I was twelve, a full two years before I could drive a car.

Vince said...

For me it was a Massey Ferguson, steering it while my Granddad opened square bales of hay from the trailer. I could not have been more than five at the time.
And I sure as hell do not mourn the passing of those hay-bales. The volume of work with them was unbelievable, and none of it easy work.
Oh, on this side of the Atlantic, a John Deere was for those with way too much money. City types, remember Green Acres.

Murf said...

While watching Saturday's UM vs Iowa matchup, I was again keen on moving to Iowa. Thanks to this picture, I think I'll just look elsewhere. :-)

sage said...

I don't remember the make--but the first tractor I drove was a John Deere cause that was all my uncle had and I drove it in the tobacco fields... Jacking a tractor up serves more of a purpose than some of the pickups I see jacked up--at least you could use it in the fields before the crop gets too tall.

Ed said...

Vince - Tell me about it. We used to put up somewhere in the order of 50,000 square bales a year in my early teens. I would get mom to sew a few layers of patches on the thighs of perfectly good jeans and still be wearing just threads in a matter of a week or two.

Murf - I think that was the one where UM got their a$@ handed to them... so I heard.

Sage - Actually after doing some research, I discovered that this is actually a model John Deere makes called the High Crop for reasons you stated. I'd just never seen one in all my years until now.

Murf said...

I don't know what you're talking about, Edward. :-)

Beau said...

We had a small parade nearby a few weeks ago too... (why don't I write of such things?!). All the old tractors were paraded about... nice picture!

PhilippinesPhil said...

Just looks like a tractor to me... pretty hot though huh? I'll take your word for it.

I drove my Dad's Sears lawn tractor for years. Now THAT uppy cut a mean yard baby!