Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Waterfront Market

After the big wreck I wrote about in the previous post, we made it to the Waterfront Market intent on getting some great seafood. It had been ranked the number one seafood place in the city from 1993 through 1999 and then evidently some competition arrived because their next wins were in 2001 and then 2003 before the wall of certificates became eerily bare.

For a Saturday evening, the place was humming which was a good sign but I later suspect that it was self-induced. We were told a fifteen minute wait by the seating hostess but as we sat there, I continued to see lots of open tables available while she fiddles with her hair and doodled on a piece of paper. Every once in awhile she would grab a set of menus and seat another group in one of those empty tables almost as if she was going off some timer and not the number of empty tables available. Twenty minutes later, we were finally seated at a table which by my count, had been available AND SET for almost fifteen minutes.

I won't bore you with too many details other than we had very good service which I gauge by the server kept bringing me refills of my drink without me having to ask. I ordered some Hurricane Shimp served over pasta while my wife ordered crabcakes and some of the best clam chowder I have ever tasted. We were both mystified over my shrimp pasta which the best I can describe it tasted like the spice was based off something in the mint family, an odd combination with shrimp and pasta. It didn't taste terrible but it just didn't taste really great either.

Once complaint that I have always had in eating shrimp pasta in joints like this is that the establishment leaves the shell tail still on the shrimp for presentation purposes which leaves me with a delimma on how to properly eat them. Do I cut off the shell and thus half of the shrimp meat and leave it on my plate, try to pull the shell off using the fork and spoon risking that I might fling the shrimp across the room, or pick up the sauce covered shrimp in my hands and peel it with my fingers, wiping the sauce over the fine linen napkins? I have always opted for the latter one but never felt right doing so in a fine dining establishment but darn if I was going to leave half of the shrimp behind nor was I going to risk flinging it at the table next door. The Waterfront Market, which though it did have a market in one part of it wasn't anywhere near any water, did have one thing going for it. They completely peeled the shrimp in my pasta therefore taking away the difficult decision on how to properly eat it.

Overall, the clam chowder was excellent, according to my wife the crabcakes if those are your cup of tea were also excellent, the bread was crusty, warm and served with real butter and they had kids meals. I would just stay away from the mint spiced Hurricane Shrimp served over the chef's choice of pasta. It was just kind of odd tasting.

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R. Sherman said...

I'm always leery of seafood places which are more than one hour's drive from the ocean. I've yet to find one in which the fish tastes the same as it does near the sea and I suspect it's something in the shipping/freezing process.