Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pompous Ass or Racism?

Imagine that there is a knock at the door and you answer it. An officer of the law is there and asks you to "step out onto the porch and speak with me."

You reply, "No, I will not."

The officer then identifies himself as 'Sgt. Crowley from the Cambridge Police' and that he was 'investigating a report of a break in progress' at your residence.

You proceed to open the door and exclaim, "Why, because I'm a black man in America?"

Digest this actual conversation for a minute. Does it sound like the homeowner has a huge chip on his shoulder because it certainly does to me? Nowhere in this conversation is the mention of race until the homeowner is asked to answer a few questions to clear up reports of a home invasion in progress. Instead of being thankful that you have neighbors concerned enough to call the police when they suspect someone is breaking into your house, you immediately claim that the police are here and wanting to question you only because you are a black man. Absurd. The neighbor called because they saw someone try to enter the front door and then walk around to the back door. The person then entered the back door and enlisted help from the driver of the car to force open the front door. Believe you me, if someone sees that happening at my house in the dark of night, I would want him or her to call the police.

I have no doubt that Henry Louis Gates Jr. is a pompous ass with a chip on his shoulder and he isn't afraid to let everyone know it as he most recently did. He, along with a whole host of black who's who in America, are now ranting through the media that the white police officers were racially discriminating against him despite the fact that one of the three officers in the now famous picture of him in handcuffs screaming and acting in a very undignified manner is black. He wasn't arrested for breaking into his own home even after the officer had to ask him numerous times for identification. He was arrested for disorderly conduct for "loud and tumultuous behavior in a public space" as well anyone verbally assaulting an officer is prone to have done to them if they keep it up long enough. This wasn't about racism at all but was about someone who is the self-ordained elite versus the rest of us.

I think the real tragedy in this situation is that the Cambridge Police Department caved in so quickly and dismissed the charges on this pompous ass that went out of his way to make their lives miserable. Last night, the current occupant said in a speech about this affair that, "I don't know all the facts," before proceeding to say, "the Cambridge police acted stupidly." I'm sure glad we have a president that weighs all the facts before making a judgement.


R. Sherman said...

Of course, our post-racial President called the police "stupid." Query, had the police not investigated a break-in, would that have been "racist" because they were not attempting to protect the property rights of a black American?


Ed Abbey said...

R. Sherman - I guess this whole thing shows that even if racism is no longer prevalent in America, race relations has a long way to go.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

I have heard so many different views on this that I will resist coming to a conclusion. I do conclude that the only really pasionate comment in the Presidents whole news conference was the one that "The Police were stupid", and that bothers me.

PhilippinesPhil said...

In these times, if I were a cop, I wouldn't stop anyone of color, I'd ONLY go after white people. That way, I'm sure NOT to be accused of racial profiling. And Obama, sheesh, what an amateur! This guy has no idea how to be a president. And did his speech writers actually write the words "what those police did was stupid." If he didn't read it from his teleprompter, well then, maybe he should stick to speech reading and stay away from the off the cuff stuff. 3.5 years and counting.

Ed Abbey said...

3 Score - I agree with your assessment of his news conference.

Phil - I think that one was off the cuff especially due to all the back peddling his handlers have been doing these past two days.

Beau said...

Ugh. What happened to civility, maturity, understanding community needs and professional response to fellow professionals? I can't comapare the context, and it didn't happen to me, but last time I was stopped (for going a wee bit fast), it was "Yes, Sir... No, Sir" and affording the uniformed young gent a little courtesy for a very difficult job. He responded in kind.