Friday, June 26, 2009

Lost In Translation

I had a chance to eat at A'Dong's Vietnamese Restaurant again in the city where Mrs. Abbey is currently doing her residency a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, the meal I ordered didn't come with the excellent spicy lemon dipping sauce like the previous one I ordered had but it was every bit as good. I also paid close attention trying to find the name for the lemon dipping sauce so that I might find a recipe on how to make it but it was simply labeled as A'Dong's Lemon Sauce thus giving me no clues. Perhaps I'll run into a native of Vietnam and get the scoop from them on what is in that stuff.

This time around I ordered a shrimp and vegetable dish stir-fried in some spices. It was excellent. I did make a note to never order number twenty-one shown in the not-so-good-camera-phone-picture above.


The sounder of the words, "Here's Johnny" has died but I didn't lose any sleep. I guess it was before my time. Those old playboy pictures of Farrah Fawcett that a former classmate showed me in the privacy of his locker door shadow have been brought back to my mind with her death and makes me realize that yes, everyone grows old, even her. But still she really wasn't in my time frame either due to lack of television exposure. However, last night when I learned Michael Jackson was dead, that hit closer to home. Even now as I listen to his best album of all time, Thriller, it is hard to believe he is gone. Back in those days, he was normal but as we all know, somewhere he got Lost in Translation so I thought I would add this as a memorial of sorts to the end of this post.


geri said...

What??? You don't think shrimp and crap soup is good?

You're mobile phone is more sophisticated than mine, at least it has a camera.

I have been thinking of doing a piece about Ageing for months now and now the double headlines. I didn't think that Farrah Fawcett was that much older than me. She will always be forever immortalized as that gorgeous woman in the poster my cousin had in his bedroom wall.

Ed Abbey said...

Geri - I didn't want the phone initially but didn't have a choice in the matter if I wanted a free phone with the plan. However, it has come in handy a time or two.

I also didn't realize that Fawcett was 62. I would have guessed 40 tops.

Murf said...

When I come visit, do we have to eat here? ;-)

Off The Wall was a better album, I think but nothing really comes close to the bass in 'Billie Jean'. Great song to do the elliptical machine too.

If this was your idea of a memorial to MJ, I fear what you would write when I die. ;-)

TC said...

You must be younger than I thought if Farrah was too old for you.

Ed Abbey said...

Murf - It really isn't much of a memorial mostly because he didn't play a big part in my life though I do recognize that he played a big part of life around me. I would write something a lot more appropriate when you kick the bucket Murf. ;)

TC - She was most definitely not too old for me. Don't all pimply teens fantasize about older women? But the playboy pictures of her that I remember seeing were old. I'm guessing they were early to mid 70's vintage and when I saw them it was well into the 80's.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

I still remember seeing Farah Fawcett making commercials and sitting around with the guys in the theatre program making bets about when she would be the biggest thing in television. I guess that really dates me huh? (I won the bet, but we all had gone on to other things before it happened so the most I got out of it was a mellow congratulations at a Theatre Convention (Yes they have, or at least Had those) Ed McMahon (SP) stands out more in my mind as the host of the first REALLY big amateur show that started very successful folks on their careers.

PhilippinesPhil said...

David Carradine, Farrah Fawcet, Michael Jackson, Ed McMahon, all of them definitely come from "my" time. I take a passing interest in their passing, but none of them mean that much to me. People I know and care about are the only ones who have died that stir the kind of emotion I see on the news, especially what I'm viewing for MJ. Show my reaction as a big shrug.

sage said...

If Murf and I visit together (fat chance, I'd say), I'd vote for the Vietnamese place!

I like the tie in to the "Lost in Translation" and MJ's weird twists.

Murf said...

If I can get us three in one spot, I'd be happy to eat anywhere. Besides, all Asian restaurants at least serve mac & cheese. :-)

Beau said...

Lost in translation... appropritate words. It's funny how we remember those people.