Friday, May 1, 2009

No Supper Finer

Fate has not been kind to me this spring. I've spent more time at work or in a hospital than I normally do and it is paying a toll. I have yet to gone mushroom hunting this year and the season is already half over. But I haven't been skunked completely!

Mrs. Abbey and Little Abbey had a chance to sneak down to the farm this week under the clever guise of picking up medication on the way for my mother so they didn't have to drive 60 miles round trip to get it. Once the medication was delivered, they went out 'shrooming and within minutes of looking, found a 'Mushroom Machine'. There they picked enough mushrooms to fill a gallon sized freezer bag which in my house is enough for two small messes. I lightly breaded the first mess with a mixture of half flour and half parmesan cheese and fried them Tuesday night. I also microwaved some fresh picked asparagus that Mrs. Abbey stole from the farm and that was our supper. It just doesn't get any better than that.

I imagine that due to the rain, my parents and brother who is also visiting, will get plenty of mushroom hunting in while waiting for the farm grounds to dry out and I can steal all the mushrooms I want. Eating them is definitely the best part but I do enjoy hunting them and hope that even with my schedule, some how some way, I will get a few minutes to sneak away and find a 'Mushroom Machine' for myself. Until then, I will just find them in my dreams with 'shrooms as far as the eye can see.


Ron said...

Wow! That looks good!

There's a break in the rain here now, I need to find me a mushroom machine. :)


R. Sherman said...

I'm a huge asparagus fan. I eat tons of the stuff in season and find ways to use it to augment other things like omelets and casseroles.


Beau said...

Wow, delicious! Mushroom machine- I've never found one before, but you've motivated me to head out again with a break in the rain. :)

sage said...

The annual mushroom post that makes our mouths water... I hope your mother is doing better and that you get caught up on your mushroom hunting.

Ed said...

Ron & Beau - Look for the dead elm tree where the bark is just beginning to loosen.

R. Sherman - My wife cooks it in an alfredo sauce served over homemade pasta. It is hard to beat!

Sage - Though my mom is better, mushroom hunting is not to be this year for me. I leave tomorrow on business and won't be back until well after the mushroom season has ended. However, Mrs. Abbey got to go out yesterday and brought more than enough back to keep us eating them for awhile. I plan to spend tonight and tomorrow morning gorging on them.

Murf said...

Eeech! It doesn't seem you're missing out much. I would rather have someone drive all that way, pick them, and bring them home for me to enjoy. :-)

L'Artisan said...

Good Lord, I'm jealous. Yummmmm.