Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This 'n That

If you notice from my lack of comments, I've been gone a few days on business to St. Louis. In fact, I will most likely still be there at this point depending on how thing went/or will go. Writing about the future as if it were in the past is a confusing business. Mrs. Abbey has the camera in the Philippines so I don't have a camera to take with me. I may take along/or have taken my 35mm if it still functions. I love that camera but it has mostly just gathered dust on a shelf these last few years. Hopefully I should be back by the end of the week. Until then, my blog runs on auto pilot and I will catch up on reading yours when I get back.


Between the twelve hour days I've been spending at work the last two months and my remodeling project, I have not watched or kept up with the news and have no idea what it happening in the world of politics, hence my lack of pontificating on the subject. In a way, it is quite refreshing after so intensively following them for the last couple years as we rolled towards another election and rid ourselves of what I am many experts agree was one of the worst presidents ever. I thank God everyday for term limits. Obama is no doubt, spending lots of money under the guise of fixing our economy which listens to nobody but ourselves and will eventually fix itself no matter what the President or Congress does. I'm doing my part of not helping the economy recover by hunkering low financially and stashing my money in CD's. Okay, I through a chunk of money into stocks here a few weeks ago but that was for retirement, which according to my last statement, is a long ways out at this point.


Living as a bachelor after five years of marriage and about the same amount of years either dating or being engaged beforehand, isn't what it is cracked up to be. I have truly and utterly been domesticated and miss the comforts of companionship. I miss coming home to a house with the lights on and sounds emanating from within. Yes I can leave the lights on and I do make my own noise (and don't have to say excuse me either) but it just isn't the same. Although I don't know why, I somehow miss eating meals from a plate on a table as a family instead of the couch, from a pan, while watching television by myself. Sure I don't have to run the dishwasher very often or even clean up the table but they seem like a small price to pay now. Perhaps most of all, I miss the struggle for the covers that used to occur. Mrs. Abbey's tugs to claim her share always kept the covers in a balance of sorts. Now I tug and there isn't anyone to tug back so when I wake up, it is in a huge knotted up mass of covers. I've been thinking that I may staple her side down to the bed frame here if this disturbing trend keeps up.


The remodeling project is progressing though slowly. For some reason, after twelve hours of work, I have a hard time spending more time out in the garage no matter how much I have enjoyed it. I got all of the crap off the west wall and sheathed it, painted it and have built a workbench for Mrs. Abbey to do her potting for various houseplants. It also will serve as a storage place for all her crap that she now stores on my workbench. I also erected a couple of shelves for general-purpose storage. All that remains on that wall it so paint her workbench, wire up the outlets, hang some shelves above her workbench and perhaps fashion some doors for underneath it. Now that I write that down, it sounds like a lot of work and I haven't even begun on the north wall, which is where my domain will be. Murf and TC, where are you?


TC said...

I want someone to fight over the covers with. It sounds like you and she have a wonderful relationship.

Hope everything goes well in St. Louis!

Murf said...

I see the bat signal. I'm on my way!

TC said...

We should have it finished by the time you get home... right, Murf?

geri said...

I had to laugh about stapling Mrs. Abbey's side of the cover :)

Murf said...

Damn skippy, TC.

Beau said...

Hard to enjoy a little time when you're doing 12 hour work days- hope you get a little more time to yourself!

The Real Mother Hen said...

You're a good person, a good man, a good husband.
Enough said.

R. Sherman said...

Hang in there, my friend. It goes by fast and the reunions at the airport are worth it.


Ed Abbey said...

TC - I would like to think she is suffering from the same dilemma in the Philippines.

Murf - Your hammer is ready.

TC - I'll leave plans on the kitchen table.

Geri - I'm glad I could make you laugh.

Beau - I'm not complaining. I would rather have a job working 12 hours a day than no hours a day with this economy.

Mother Hen - Thank you very much.

R. Sherman - As of today, my bachelorhood is half over. I can't wait for the airport reunion.

sage said...

It's no wonder you are not finishing your projects with your extended work hours and trips to St. Louis (and the Cardinals are still in spring training). Have a good trip.

PhilippinesPhil said...

Most of my projects involve me supervising. I think I like that better.