Friday, March 20, 2009

I Can't Help the Smile

[Author's Note: There is a prequel to this post already posted below if you like to read things in sequence.]

After watching seemingly thousand of people walk by after their reunions, it was my turn. Mrs. Abbey walked past the security checkpoint pushing Little Abbey in her stroller. Although I had pictured Little Abbey getting up and running towards me excitedly, she instead sat mute in her stroller and wouldn't hardly look me in the eyes though she did cling tightly to me as I carried her to baggage claim. However, I knew her well enough to know that she had missed me so much that she just clamed up. She does it with others as well.

We had our reunion and a few tears were shed though all in happiness. With all baggage having safely made the journey too, we drove the hour and a half home. Little Abbey quickly came out of her shock of seeing me after all this time and assumed her normal roll as a chatterbox. When we got home, she quickly assumed her other roll of speed racer as she tore around the house while I unloaded the van and showed off my garage to Mrs. Abbey who was impressed. She loved her potting bench and that was really all that mattered.

While phonecalls were being made all around the world, Little Abbey and I shared a box of cold chicken nuggets that she had gotten in Chicago and got reaquainted. She has only been gone a month and too a country where English is not the main language and yet she shocked me at how many new English words she had picked up and how complex her sentences have grown. One of the first things she said to me when she got home was that "Elmo not working 'cause he needs new batteries." I hate the noise that he makes but she got me to put six new batteries in that thing in minutes with that speech.

I was tired as it was our normal bedtime and they were definitely jetlagged so we all went to bed in the same bed. It was a tight squeeze and Little Abbey definitely tossed and turned all night waking me up a couple times for a drink of water. By morning when my alarm went off I was stiff from my contortion acts to stay in bed but I didn't mind. My family is home and though I have to work today, I know exactly where they are. I'm glad the weekend is only hours away. I stubbed my toe on a tricycle as I made my way through a darkened kitchen this morning. That hasn't happened for a month and because it happened, I couldn't help but smile.


geri said...

Glad the Mrs and the little one are back safe. Mrs Abbey did the right thing in taking the O'Hare route. It's much easier baggage wise.

TC said...

I hate the noise that he makes but she got me to put six new batteries in that thing in minutes with that speech.

Wrapped around her little fingers you are! :) What a cute story!!!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Oh this is so sweet! You're indeed a good family guy :)

Have you seen the movie Love Actually? The reunion scenes in that movie are so lovely; and moving. And your post reminds me of that.

Btw, the best airport to arrive from overseas is probably Portland, it's so laid back, I think there is only ONE northwest flight coming in from Tokyo a day, always arriving before 8am, and the captain always broadcasts the same message - please seat tight for the moment because the immigration hasn't opened yet! It's hilarious! Once I had a guy, a immigration officer who went on and on telling me how much he wants to move to Bend! It sure is different from airports like LAX or SFO where they like to shout at those elderly people. That makes me mad.

Beau said...

What a wonderful reunion- glad all are home safe.

fullfreezer said...

I'm glad they made it home safely. Enjoy your weekend.

sage said...

A wonderful reunion--I hope you got everything done, you're going to have to spend time catching up with Little Abbey!

Woody said...

Happy to hear all are safe and back where they're loved most.


Ron said...

Yeah, I feel the same way when wife and daughter are gone. After a few days of peace and quiet, it turns into anxiety and lonely. Glad the family is back, hope you post some pics of the garage. :)


Ed Abbey said...

Geri - I made her keep some cash on hand to tip porters on all sides to help her with the baggage because as you probably know, Filipinos always take lots of pasalubong which means lots of bags!

TC - She does, especially when I haven't seen her in a month!

Mother Hen - I haven't seen that movie. I'm kind of partial to our local airport (80 miles away) where there is only one runway and only a couple gates. There is no such thing as getting lost in the shuffle there.

Beau - Thanks!

Judy - Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm really pulling for you on your offer for new digs. I'll be dropping by shortly to get the latest scoop.

Sage - I did and will be posting pictures as soon as I get them downloaded and processed.

Woody - Thanks!

Ron - I definitely will. Unfortunately I am off on a business trip all next week so it may be a couple weeks but they will get posted.

R. Sherman said...

Very cool.

My daughter's first complete sentence was in German because she started talking over there.

I'm glad all went well and that they're home safe.