Monday, February 23, 2009

Changes: Part Two

Well the trip started off well but about fifteen miles from home, Mrs. Abbey realized that our main source of Little Abbey’s entertainment, her iPod Touch full of videos and songs that only a two and a half year old would love, was still at home. A half hour later, we were back at the same spot with the iPod now packed but running a little later than we had planned. We skipped a trip to the library to return books in favor of me doing it later and getting to the airport on our planned upon time.

One of the disadvantages to living in the very rural United States, it is a long ways to the nearest airport which is very tiny compared to most people’s standards. But I consider that last part to be a great advantage because you can literally get from your car, checked in, through security and to your gate in about roughly 15 minutes.

Something new to me, but during check-in, the lady asked if I wanted to accompany my family clear to the gate instead of just to the waiting area before security. I said that would be excellent and with proof of ID and a quick trip back to the car to drop off my pocket knife which I’m guessing wouldn’t make it through security, I was through security with my two girls and sitting by the gate for the half hour remaining before their flight. It was thirty more minutes of which I took full advantage.

But all too soon that time came and after watching my wife and daughter disappear down the walkway to the plane, an intense feeling of loneliness set upon me in the middle of an airport with perhaps 100 other people within 100 feet of me. I can’t believe how domesticated I have come after all those years of living as a bachelor. I would revisit this thought later that evening as I was cleaning the house, doing laundry and loading up the dishwasher to get some order into my temporary bachelor pad, complete with Tickle-Me-Elmo.

Although the loneliness hasn’t completely faded, it had subsided a bit as I began my first night alone by working late at work and then doing above mentioned chores. Staying occupied does make time pass faster. I just hope that time doesn’t pass too quickly a month from now when I am tossing out all the cheeseburger wrappers, cleaning the mountain of dirty plates, and washing a mountain of dirty clothes before my better half gets back.

All subsequent nights have been spent working on the garage project. God bless busy remodeling projects!


A couple weeks ago, a coworker asked me who my financial guy was and I gave him the contact information. Last week, in perfect timing for my remodeling project, I recieved a $25 gift certificate in the mail to the same store that I received a $100 gift certificate mentioned two posts ago, as a token of appreciation. Had I known that, I would have been trying a lot harder to send more people to my financial guy's door.


Mrs. Abbey and Little Abbey made it safely to her childhood home in the Philippines after 36 hours of traveling and four hours of sleep. Little Abbey is kept busy playing with her two first cousins, one a year older and one a couple years younger. It was good to hear their voices again.


Murf said...

Well, you're not a true bachelor. If you have a mountain of dirty plates, that must mean you aren't using paper ones and Soho cups.

Ed Abbey said...

Murf - A true bachelor is lazy and it is way more difficult to go to the store to buy paper plates which then fill up the garbage can forcing you to take it out to the curb than the alternative of just eating off a real plate and throwing it in the dishwasher.

Sage said...

Having made numerous trips across country with a toddler, I can't imagine 36 hours with one in a plane. Glad to hear they are safe and that you are getting into the routine. Normally, the first thing I do when I'm on my own is to clean the house, knowing it'll stay that way for the duration.

Murf said...

Ed - What guy knows where the garbage can is?! The paper plates will just accumulate on the counter or beside your Archie Bunker chair until trash day...or just keep reusing that lone paper plate. I hope it's the coated kind.

Sage - You're such a girl. ;-)

R. Sherman said...

Glad they're OK. I always feel a bit melancholic watching mine go down the security line at the airport. No such opportunities to go to the gate anymore in the bigger airports like STL.


The Real Mother Hen said...

Ha, I'm a loner through and through, so I really like spending time alone :)

Glad to know that they arrived safely.

Ed Abbey said...

Sage - That was my thought too.

Murf - I never thought of the coated kind. It has been awhile since my true paper plate days.

R. Sherman - They never allowed people past the security checkpoint at this airport too. I wonder if this was a change in TSA policy or like you think, simply a change at smaller less at risk airports. But it seems odd that the TSA would make that distinction since they seem to try their hardest to treat everyone the same, including the grandma's in a wheelchair.

Mother Hen - I once was like that... then I up and got married.

Beau said...

Love those half-hour turnaround trips to get something forgotten- I couldn't count how many I've made. Glad they're safely with family. I carry my pocket knife just about everywhere too- if I flew anywhere anymore that airport check in would be nice.

Ed Abbey said...

Beau - I feel naked without my knife. It's my prybar, screwdriver, saw, probe, scraper, eating utensil and so much more. Probably the longest time I have gone without one since I got my first one was the two weeks I spent in the Philippines a year ago. Even then I probably reached for it several times a day.

TC said...

Something new to me, but during check-in, the lady asked if I wanted to accompany my family clear to the gate instead of just to the waiting area before security.

WHoa! Where are you flying out of?!?! I'm scheduling my flights from there! I didn't know ANYONE, ANYWHERE allowed you to do that anymore!

TC said...

PS: Sorry Murf and I haven't made it there to help on the projects yet! We'll get there though... sometime... I swear! O:)

geri said...

Glad Mrs.and Little Abbey arrived in the Philippines okay.

PhilippinesPhil said...

A baby iPod. How about that? I did the same trip in the opposite direction and back with my two little girls and we used coloring books. I colored with them and they loved that, coloring with daddy. Some of my work was actually quite elaborate. We must have gone through a dozen coloring books all told. Works good, lasts long time.

Ed Abbey said...

Phil - They took quite a few of those along too. My wife said that the biggest entertainment during the flight was actually play-doh. I wouldn't have guessed that.