Monday, December 29, 2008

The Best Gift of Christmas

Although I love Christmas and the religious celebration, I dislike the commercialization and that one dreaded question I get every year, "What do you want for Christmas?" It is a question that I have a very hard time answering.

I have reached a point in my life where I am financially stable. I also have grown particular in what I buy preferring to avoid the cheap Chinese crap that only quickly breaks and ends up in a landfill. So if I want something, I do some research, avoid the cheap products found in box stores and buy it, usually over the internet delivered right to my door. So when it comes time for Christmas, I usually have what I want and really don't trust others to buy things that I would like for fear that they wouldn't care so much about where it comes from or the quality of it.

But this year I received the best gift I've gotten in many years. It was the sight of my daughter's face as she opened up one of the robot-like talking Elmo dolls that tells stories, blows kisses, stands, sits and animatedly waves his arms. It was pure joy. Though the wrapping paper was only partway off of my brother's gift to my daughter, I reached in and pressed the toe where the sticker said to press and Elmo effectionately blew a kiss to my daughter now once but twice. All other presents, opened and still wrapped were immediately forgotten about as she tore the rest of the paper off and insisted that I immediately get Elmo out of the box.

As I worked to get at the wire twist ties, Little Abbey with much encouragement from all of us began to open up her other presents all the while keeping an eye on my progress and saying, "Open it daddy!" Finally I had it free of its constraints, the guard that allowed it to go through the entire repertoire instead of only blowing kisses was removed, and Little Abbey gave up on opening the rest of her presents completely. Elmo ruled her life for the rest of the day.

Despite all the gifts that I received, being where to witness my child getting the gift of her dreams was priceless. Seeing Mrs. Abbey's face when she opened up her iPod Touch which she was positive was some handheld kitchen device was a very close second. It was a very merry Christmas for me indeed!


Sage said...

Nice, I remember when my daughter was 2 and 3 and she'd spend all day opening presents because she'd be excited by each present (or sometimes by the box or paper). Glad you had a Merry Christmas. I normally tell people to buy me stuff that I don't like to buy for myself--like underwear and dress shirts (or give them a book list and they give back gift cards cause none of the books are available at regular chain bookstores.

Ed Abbey said...

Sage - Last year the boxes were her favorite but this year she hasn't given them a second thought.

Murf said...

Her uncle and not you gave her the best gift of her life so far?!?

geri said...

Ed don't you just love those wire ties too? :) Hope you took some pictures of Little Abbey and her Elmo. Hope she doesn't think of bringing it with her to the Philippines. That was neat that Mrs. Abbey didn't have a clue what she was getting. She will love the iPod touch. Up to know I keep telling my husband what a great gift it was. He'd reply "I am glad I thought of it." (not!) I swear it's the greatest invention there is!

PhilippinesPhil said...

I'm just glad its over... Thank God!

Beau said...

The smile, and the excitement... makes it all worthwhile. We still have one of those little Elmo's I think. And me? I seem to end up with a lot of goodies and other food related items, and books. They make a good combination :) Have a Happy New Year!

Ed Abbey said...

Murf - Well the box that her toy storage shelf unit was her favorite last year.

Geri - The toys stay home along with lots of the extras for the trip to the RP to save Mrs. Abbey's back. I actually kind of like the touch too. Sitting in our hotel room on a recent mini-vacation, I was able to use it to connect to the internet and search out some nearby info that I wouldn't have been able to do.

Phil - Me too! Things can now get back to normal.

Beau - Happy New Year to you too!