Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Breaking News!

7:34 PM - I'm sitting on the couch, feet up in the air, laptop fired up and the television blaring out the results. Obama at 103 and McCain 34. I'm a happy camper even if my guy is losing. Mrs. Abbey made it in to vote and there was no line so she was in and out. It was her first vote as a U.S. citizen and I'm proud of her. Little Abbey got her flu shot without hardly a wimper. I think I will now celebrate by popping some popcorn and opening up a cold brew. This is what America is all about!

8:20 PM - Little Abbey in bed... check. Cold beer... check. Popcorn... check. Latest Results: Obama 174, McCain 64.

9:07 PM - Popcorn... completed. Beer... one down, President... still undecided. Obama 207, McCain 129. Iowa's polls are finally closed so the real results I'm interested in should start coming in.

10:00 PM - Mrs. Abbey has deserted me so I'm alone now. I'm hoping to hang in there until at least we have a president.

10:03 PM - Well that wasn't long. NBC called it for Obama. I might hang on a little longer anyway. Tonight only comes once every four years.

10:30 PM - John McCain's speech is over. All I can ask is why couldn't he have spoken so eloquently during these last six months? If he had the election would now be a landslide in the other direction.

11:01 PM - President Obama is giving his speech and I'm officially calling my race to bed as over. See everyone tomorrow.

Ed's Ballot Results

President Baldwin - Defeated
US Senate Reed - Defeated
US Representative Miller-Meeks - Defeated
Iowa Representative Whitaker - Won
County Supervisor Burghmeir - Won
County Supervisor Demitt - Won


The Real Mother Hen said...

As long as the beer isn't Budweiser, I won't say a thing. And really, let's hope for a better America.

Ed Abbey said...

Mother Hen - No Bud here. I'm kind of partial to Corona with lime.

sage said...

Bud/Corona, what's the difference? Life's too short for a cheap beer, I'm drinking a Brown Ale from Bells Brewery

Ed Abbey said...

Sage - As you can tell, I'm a beer lightweight. I'll admit that. I'd rather have a nice whickey but I'm fresh out at the moment.

The Real Mother Hen said...

It's only 8:21pm here, and I'm still waiting for the news concerning our local elections.

Ed Abbey said...

Mother Hen - I am too though I'm not sure our county supervisor election will be posted by any news organization. I'm just hanging in to hear Obama's speech and then will call it a night.

Murf said...

I guess I won't admit to having Kool-Aid with my popcorn last night.

I only saw the snippets of it this morning but I thought McCain gave a great speech too and like Sage pointed out, he was more of a maverick 8 years ago when I was hoping he would run for office.

Murf said...

Ok...take back what I said yesterday about your comment area. I hate it if you aren't already logged in. It doesn't even give you the option to.

geri said...

McCain did give a great and touching speech last night.