Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Little Abbey and a VP Debate Summary In Just One Minute

Between two and three years of age is miraculous time in any toddler’s life. At one moment they can make you want to wring their neck and the next moment you can't help but adore them so much that you wonder how you could ever think such ill thoughts. It is a miracle. Little Abbey did such a thing to infuriate Mrs. Abbey last night and caused her to raise her voice. Little Abbey didn't cry or pout but merely walked across the room and gave Mrs. Abbey a hug. How can you stay mad at someone when they do that? Perhaps we adults should take our que from the toddlers.

Little Abbey is talking a blue streak these days and I try and remember how I used to write on my old blog that my biggest wish in life was that she would start talking after all her peers were already doing so. I think I might have even suggested that I might live to regret that wish. I go through life now agreeing with my daughter as she points out and names things every third second. If I am too slow to respond or not paying attention, she will repeat herself a few times and then say, "Daddy, daddy, daddy" until I respond.

She has mastered all her books with shapes, colors, objects of the alphabet and so forth. What used to take a full fifteen minutes to wade through with her ever-changing attention span, now can be "read" in a minute flat. Sometimes she even calls out what the next object is before I can get the page turned. Though she can put a name to almost anything I point too, I can't seem to get her to focus on letters. She just doesn't have the patience for that because I'm guessing that she doesn't seem them in everyday life walking down the street and words on sign just haven't caught her attention. This I'm not worrying about because I know one week she will notice and the next week she will be able to recite them forwards and backwards. She just seems to learn things that way.

One of her biggest fascinations these days is the sky. We look for the moon everyday as I drop her off at daycare and point out the stars. When we go for walks or drives in the afternoon, she is forever removing and putting on her sunglasses to ward off the sun while shouting at full voice, "My eyes!" As soon as the sun is no longer directly in her eyes due to a change in direction, cloud, or blocking tree, she will yell, "Sun all gone!" only to repeat the process as soon as we pass the tree. It is a great way to pass a long trip.

Although the terrible twos haven't been too terrible, I think it is because we don't let it get started. The other day when we got home I asked her if she wanted to eat a snack and then asked her what. She knows the words for everything but decided today she was going to whine until I gave it to her. I ran through the list of items but she continued to whine so I let her. As I went about my routine, she followed me in tears crying like she had been whipped. Finally, twenty minutes later as I was cleaning up last nights pots and pans and she was in the living room on the couch, I heard her sob the word grapes. I gave her grapes right away and within seconds she was bouncing on the couch eating grapes. See the first paragraph.

Finally, although non-Abbey related, I commented on other sites about the VP debates but didn't write up anything here. Mostly this was because I didn't see anything geared towards me in those debates. All they presented were sound bytes from their campaign speeches. If you didn't see the debates, here is a one minute video summary of them. If you did see them, check it out anyway.


R. Sherman said...

There are times that I miss my kids at that age. I wonder, though, which is worse. Toddlerville or Adolescent City?


Ed Abbey said...

R. Sherman - Knowing what I know about my own adolescence, I would say Adolescent City is much worse. Little Abbey can't try to verbally trap me and still takes everything I say as law. When you reach Adolescent City, all that changes and dealing with your child is much more a game of mental strategy.

sage said...

The debate review was classic... the rapid fire winks!

Living out west at the time with wide open skies, my daughter was in awe of the skies. She knew about the stages of the moon by the time she was 3 or so, often seeing the new moon on the western horizon and running and yelling "The moon is back, the moon is back!" Enjoy her at this stage when everything is amazing--today, as a 5th grader, my daughter knows it all, but she's still wonderful.

The Real Mother Hen said...

I gotta go away and get a Kleenex. This post reminds me of my niece, whom I love more than myself. I took great care of her, till I moved back to the States almost 3 years ago. Now the memory comes back and I find myself chocking.

geri said...

Ed, so you're getting the running commentary now :) About LA's quick hug to Mrs. Abbey, it amazes me too how Evan would go from crying in the naughty corner, to a big smile and "c'mon mommy!" pulling my hand to play with him with leftover tears still on his cheeks after I tell him that his naughty corner time was up. Yes, we could learn a lot from our children.

Ron said...

I loved our daughter at that age (well, I love her now too :)). Every day was such an adventure (well, it is now too :)). One minute her talking would drive us insane and the next minute we couldn't get enough of it (well, that's still true I guess :)).

Come to think of it, not much has changed... but everything has?