Sunday, September 14, 2008

Welcome Back

So I have a new URL address, a new blog and you’ve made it here in some way. Why did I do it? Well I guess there are several reasons.

Reason number one is that I never have liked my old URL address. Back when I signed up for blogger, I had no idea what it was about. I tried a few of my common names only to find that they were already taken. Thinking that few people read anymore and fewer people know who Edward Abbey way, I started thinking of a character out of his books to use in the URL. It was free and I took it. But Hayduke never really symbolized me.

Reason number two is that I want to remove my archives and start fresh. Maybe even reinvent myself a little though I doubt that the latter gets done. It is easy to reinvent yourself short term but harder to do long term.

Reason number three and perhaps the main reason, I have for the most part recycled most of my old thoughts and feel it is time to change to new areas and perhaps cut back on the number of posts that I write. I have been writing five times a week but would like to cut back to just a couple times. I hope this will give me more time to think posts through and come up with some of better quality but in the end, it will probably just be fewer posts or what you’ve been getting. Either way, I will have more time to do other things. Fear not however, I will still be visiting all my old haunts and saying hello.

Finally, I have always wanted to go back into my archives and rewrite or perhaps expound upon some of my earlier posts, especially some of the ones that fell under the writing label.

I chose Riverbend Journal as the name of my new blog. I grew up near the satellite picture in my header and am very fond of the area. It is home and is defined by a river that does a huge bend there. In a way, it also ties in with my old header which is a topographic map of one of my favorite places on the face of this earth, also defined by a river that bends its way through the geography. Recycled Thoughts felt good for a person with something to say. Riverbend Journal feels like someone writing of home. I hope you enjoy it.


sage said...

Glad to make it over here, Ed (and glad you didn't change the name you use for yourself in your blog--after a couple of years, I don't think I could handle that!) I've often wondered how you kept up with five posts a week. I will look forward to you creating-or recreating-your home here!

geri said...

I like the new blog name. So your still keeping Ed Abbey? At one point and for the longest time I had thought it was your real name :)

Murf said...

Big A told me that your URL has changed but I didn't believe him. Lo and behold, it's true!

The Real Mother Hen said...

I've been coming to your blog since the cheesecake comment you left at Sage's blog (but I didn't leave any comment here thereafter). Anyway, I live in a place called Bend, and near to a River. So I'm right at home here.

Ed Abbey said...

Sage - I probably could keep it up writing five times a week but I just felt that the pace limited what I could write. I would like to spend more time composing.

Geri - I thought about changing my name to a different moniker but haven't. I'll probably stick with Ed for awhile.

Murf - I've been mulling it over for quite awhile, even thinking about buying my own URL but in the end, went with the free route. The actual switch however was really quite impulsive. Hitting the delete key to get rid of all my archives was a big thing though. I still have a backup but still.

Mother Hen - Someday I would like to live up on a hill overlooking the river valley and live out my days there.

R. Sherman said...

Nice. I've thought about starting over a couple of times, but I just can't find the time to devote to it.


Mikey said...

Congratulations on the change. I've been thinking of a change, too...I've actually neglected my blog for a while now. I keep writing these brief posts letting people know I'm still around and plan to write something, but then never actually write anything. So, I'm considering just stopping altogether, so you may not be able to find my blog anymore in the near future. However, that won't stop me from comin' by here once in a while to read about Ed. It's still one of my favorite blogs.

Ed Abbey said...

R. Sherman - Actually there was very little time for me since it is just the same as my old blog except different title and URL. My big mistake wasn't saving the two posts that I continually modified as time went by but fortunately it wasn't too much work to recreate them.

Mikey - Make sure you let me know if you ever get back into blogging. I did enjoy reading it when you kept it up back in "the day."

Ed Abbey said...
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Beau said...

Well Hi again! I like your new blog name, but I must admit I liked your old one a lot too!

I look foward to reading more, and wish you the best with your new virtual home :)

Frank D. Myers said...

I'd know that old riverbend anywhere (but darn it I miss the big green bridge) so I like the new title, too. Welcome back.